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Nothing can smell more delicious than the smell of new books.

Taking a short stroll in MPH/Popular/Belle’s elevates the beating of my heart for that little while. Taking in the different yet strikingly same smell of new, unopened books; absolutely ravishing i might say. Oh, oh, if only i had the cash to get my hands onto more of those addictingly satisfying material.


Haven’t had a real new book to read for ages. As in the the ones for leisure, NOT the ones we are forced to read for our academics.


Books- they’re so pretty and exciting and delicious and truly truly cool!

And once i get my hands on a good story, the likelihood of me putting it down for even mealtimes is qute low. Or i might need very forceful persuading to do so in fact.

Sigh, I miss you


Hey peeps!

I’ve decided to switch to wordpress instead, just for the heck of it!

plus other unexplainable reasons that i can’t seem to be able to fanthom at the moment.

Nevertheless, it’s the same ol’ me, and new me! whichever view you’d prefer to take.

Till the next post,

Au Revoir~