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It’s been a heck-of-a crazy week!!

i really really really don’t wanna study until this last minute again! i wanna sleep kao kao and go for assesments in a not-having-headache-due-to-coffee state and chill during exam periods!!


sleeping hours were crazy with each day about 3hrs at the most and that’s only straight after the assesment and only counts as naps okay! but usually it’s about 2 hrs of sleep a day…. and again i’m talking about naps…

sigh… why do i get myself in these situations…. i really can’t imagine how i’m gonna cope with finals leh… sure die lah…

oh well, what’s done is done.

slept frm 5pm to 12am on friday… went out for supper and chatted until it was really early in the morning before we went back to get sue anne’s stuff n dropped her off at the airport… twas 8am before an official hibernating period. oh yea i woke up for lunch then continued with hibernation until 630pm and went out for a desperately needed jog around the park… until now loh

still a bit hin hin… i think i’ll sleep like a log again later… 🙂

i love holidays! to hibernate now

and more shopping, visiting, n reading fiction stuff!

most importantly, NO STUDYING!

albeit the ssm n english assignments need to be finished this week… but… hmmm MONDAY LAH!


bahhh, today so holan~~!!!

today was the first day of continuous assesment 3 ( henceforth known as CA3) of which we had Pharmacology (1hr paper) in the morning and Ethics (2 hr paper) in the afternoon.

only one word could describe my condition today: SLEEPY!

this is what happens when studying and memorizing are done last minute. I had like 2-3 hrs of sleep at the max. UGH what a terrible night for a person who likes pigging out like me.

i must admit i should have studied EARLIER and MULL OVER books dissecting every word like i should have been at this stage of my education. XP instead, i went over lecture notes only, and only referring to the internet or textbooks when the need arises, for example only once in the whole pharmacology studying period. hehehe

oh well…. 2 down, and 4 more subjects to go.

Pathology/Microbiology, Biostatistics, Biochemistry and ANATOMY!! I’M SO GONNA NAIL YOU DOWN.

Starting tommorow… For now?? i wanna get my beloved beauty sleep debt repaid.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention why i was so tulan today…. The ethics paper comprised of 4 long answer questions (LAQs) of which we had to answer only 3. WELL, i had no idea why but i simply overlooked this VERY IMPORTANT INSTUCTION!! why oh why my dear karen~~~

so i had to like face the embarassment to run all the way up front to get back my paper, just so i could tear off the page of answer that i was least confident of, then return to my seat. (cos they have this practie of marking the first few questions, count the marks needed, then ignore the others) even after one of the lecturers say like: no, cannot. i tried my best to persuade another of them, that i only wanted to tear it, and NOT write a single word. thank God everything went through and i successfully killed a tree for my wuliao scribblings that were worthless.

nyeh… that was holan number one. the second one, was that i forgot my handphone and left it there after leaving the exam hall!!! wahlao eh… by now was really quite tulan with the question paper thingy and the fact that i was not as confident as i should have been for the paper leh… and when i realized it’s disappearrance, it was almost an hour after the exam finished dy…

rushed back to the exam hall which was pitch black, of which i had no idea where the switches were, and had the automatically-close-type-of-door. so i used one of the tables to keep the door open so that i could get a little bit of light, rummaged through the box that was supposed to keep the phones and came out of the exam hall with nothing.

Next, went to medical block to find Dr K to ask about the phone. Redirected to my mentor, Dr S who was the one holding the phone and i had to go the student affairs building to get to the clinic where he was. and finally reuniting with my phone!!!

waiseh, admin block, rush to medic block, rush to student affairs site. rush until my sweat menghujani my attire okay… alright fine that was a a hyperbole, but you get the idea right??

neways, had a really really light jog using the treadmill at the gym just now. it wass ewww disgusting cos i think quite a number of ppl used it before me and it wasn’t cleaned okay! had no choice lah, cos i didn’t wanna run at the trackfield. i think i prefer treadmills and other such gym equipment for a real cardio thing, and the outdoors when i feel like i’m all cooked up in a pen and need some fresh air, or simply when i just wanna walk and not really do actual sports.

YEP, at least i think that’s what my mindset is about? Really have this incorrect drive to run faster than my body can handle when i see ppl around me moving so fast. which will eventually lead to abdominal pain for me, so gym equipment for sports is for me!

unless you’re talking about badminton and jungle trekking/mountain climbing/skiing/bungee jumping and other extreme stuff that i would be interested to try out in the future.


aaah, yet another day of sien randomness……

which i can afford to write about, since nobody ever read this, except for a select few



currently in a ‘si beh’ busuang wanna bamboozle ppl into puddles of mud right now

*CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP stupid things in the way!!*

BLAST ppl to smithereenssss!!!!
sien sien sien