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celebrated thean sim and joyce’s birthday last night at the karaoke place last night, which is situated at the highest floor of village mall, sp.

canggih owhkay… got touchscreen wan~ haha… but totally outdated songs lidat niar lo….


oh wells… the main point is, stuffz served were:

kfc chickenssSS~ 

pizzas frm pizza hut~~

AND carbonated drinks!!


there goes my plan to eat healthy… couldn’t resist coz so long didn’t eat kfc lah….

anyways… i had like 2 of my own drumsticks, and a piece of pizza

the curi-makans were nibbling off tx/jo/ad’s chicken n pizza

vv filling… unexpectedly…


oh wells…. summore coming weekend sure makan banyak banyak wei….


karen ar, what happened to ur ‘BIG PLAN’??



dead dead bugs caught in the railings....

dead dead bugs caught in the railings....

The pretty side

Some of the things you get to see if you’re staying in Aimst’s girl’s hostel….

-pictures were taken few months back-


ooh yess… a short update yeah

it’s 50.5 kgs now…

currently yoyo-ing between 50 and 51 lor…. 

btw, i eat quite normally now. as in what most ppl eat.

a bit o’ rice, meats, veges.

in fact, just on the 24th (yesterday) i had kueh chap (a unique version tat i’ve nv eaten b4) for breakfast leh… so i can’t be all that healthy after all


i love food….

*karen faster exercise self control wei!!*


i’ve haagen daaz to look out for the coming weekend tho…