celebrated thean sim and joyce’s birthday last night at the karaoke place last night, which is situated at the highest floor of village mall, sp.

canggih owhkay… got touchscreen wan~ haha… but totally outdated songs lidat niar lo….


oh wells… the main point is, stuffz served were:

kfc chickenssSS~ 

pizzas frm pizza hut~~

AND carbonated drinks!!


there goes my plan to eat healthy… couldn’t resist coz so long didn’t eat kfc lah….

anyways… i had like 2 of my own drumsticks, and a piece of pizza

the curi-makans were nibbling off tx/jo/ad’s chicken n pizza

vv filling… unexpectedly…


oh wells…. summore coming weekend sure makan banyak banyak wei….


karen ar, what happened to ur ‘BIG PLAN’??