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Air Asia got humongous promotion again! to ‘stimulate’ its earnings amidst this still gloomy economic state where ppl are still cautious in spending…

i wanna go aussie lahhhh… sien wan…

NOW, if i were rich, i’d probably not fly with air asia anyway… but wadeva…

i feel like i wann go lah… but i know sure tak boleh wan lah….

*pulls sad face*

sien lor…

if not can find the peeps scattered all over the australian continent OWHKAY…

another 😦

maybe next year or next next year???


As of NOW, a return trip from the following now costs:





anyways, for those who can afford it, promotion starts on 25th (today lor)….

argh!! who wanna sponsor me go aussie yah?? gimme a call!! 😛


on a dark Saturday night, a young pretty lass walked into GSC cinemas of Queensbay in anticipation of a great movie ahead:


it was dark. it was time for seating.

it was hard to see.

and the pictures shall do the rest of the talking

me has reached a plateau

of bathroom scales… 51kgs…

translating into 4 more kgs from target…

wahh… more than one month dy only 1 kg difference lei… T.T

this is a serious plateau man… or maybe i’m still losing the fat but gaining more muscle tissue

(which actually weights more??)

aikss… sien sien…

though i do admit i’ve been eating a lil more than the previous month gua? what with the holidays and post holiday recovery period of food

and i won’t be doing any form of exercise this week… reason being so will be revealed on my next post…

dang.. xP

hmm hmmm

4 more kgs to go!!!!