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-WALK around the Botanical Gardens of Penang

-Dinner at Jemput 3

nice deco and food… a LITTLE BIT on the pricey side, which i must assume goes to the rental, deco, hiring peeps, location blah blah blahhhhhh

eg: tom yam mee of almost 10 bucks?? nice……


-Gurney afternoon activities include padini voucher-utilizing session, brief stops at random shops, and the movie-TERMINATOR!!!! (quite like the movie in fact, XP)

-Bak Kut Teh dinner


BASKIN ROBBINS DAY!!!!!!! 31% off mar!! shared a quart with darling but most (like A LOT) of it ended up in my tummy anyway…. it was me holding the spoon most of the time marrrr

dinner at tanjung bungah. There were six of us, and we ordered and shared-3 mixed sizzling sets, rm12 of satay, hokkien mee, oh-chien (oyster), char kuey tiaw, 3 spring rolls…. plus drinks to wash down everything…

there was a BEST STEAK IN PENANG (or something like that) eatery that was like looks so impressive wan lor… dunno they spent how many millions to build an outlet which looks totally like a SHIP outside…. I mean like complete with the ropes and masts and stuffs… Dunno about the interior though coz didnt go in… i wanna go lah sometime in the future

And er… well that’s basically it… a weekend, mostLY comprised of




*smacks lips*

there goes my healthy diet…..