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the paper is next week oi!!!

die liao die liao hvn stady~ i don kno how lah

ok la got stady a bit larh… but arr hohhh not much going in my brain anyway with me being in holiday mood~


well.. at least the ptptn ppl masuk maney~ so now i got extra rm1000 in my account liao~


IT’s so dang SLOW larrr~ considering that the money for the semester it was meant for Starts February and Ends July

BAH…. at least i got my money~ woohooo… i’m so not gonna pay the school fees until a week or 2 before exams lah…

just in case they’re early to bank in to the sch for a change….. AHAHA as IF that’s likely to happen….

this is boring…

i’ve nothing else to do BUT study…


sien sien


oh on a happier note, i’ll be flying on the 2nd sept to take the exam! and darling’s on the same kl-penang flight!!

YES! can meet earlier weii~ hahaha

now should study dy

that’s all for now then~


oh i forgot to mention this…

i’ll have to take a supplementary paper for mmcm2 (biochem+pharmaco)… on 4th september… also audrey’s birthday… i won’t be in miri for it then…aiksss

so like if i’m missing for the first 2 weeks of september, don’t panic. i’ll be back on the 10th, tentatively of course…

cos i’m gonna go kk after my paper!!! woohoooo

but in the mean time… have to study… aww mannn….

at least i didn’t fail my ospe… i heard frm dr. R that nobody failed ospe in fact... please do correct me though… maybe i’m wrong?? hehe

i really do hope it’s true…

i heard it wrong in fact… LOL

neways… starting frm tmr need to study liao… no more holidays!!

k la maybe 1 or 2 days for slacking a bit bit… 😛

on a totally unrelated but kinda related note, hearsay information frm a friend:

17 ppl frm batch 14 are eligible for the supplementary exams… which are for ppl who failed 3 or less subjects… like me! ONE borderline subject only okay…. im like very the confident for the other papers okayy….

15 ppl frm batch 14 have failed more than 3 subjects and thus are not eligible for the supplementary exams.. they will hence join batch 15 or drop out from the course entirely… which is actually up to them lah…

v cham okay…. if fail, that means ptptn loan kena potong and need to pay them back… sigh…

hope to see as many as possible back in batch 14!

this blogging stuffz have finally gotten on the not so better side of me… i mean, i hardly bother to write anything here eh?? LOL

i’ll just let it be till i have the ‘inspiration’ or ‘motivation’ to blog lah… right? come to think of it, it’s been SOOOOO long since i last posted up something… it’s dying~~ oh my oh my… one of my many initiatives that will go down the drain like the others… eventually… hehe… it’s not like a lotta ppl read it lah, no??

thrs tons i’d like to update about… but i can’t really put a finger on it… cincai cincai lah… let’s start on:

Final EXAMS!

tough tough tough… in the sense that NOT ENOUGH TIME TO SLEEP!! Aimst has really robbed me of my slumber time lah… my biological clock totally went haywire… as the pprs are conducted in the morning, i sleep AFTER the exam is conducted, wake up at dinner time (around 7 maybe??) and have my ‘breakfast’. naturally, lunch will be at about 12am and dinner around 5-6 am…. then again i will sleep at about 1-2 pm if thrs exams OR 11 am if there isn’t… bahh… the papers in my opinion were all okay… EXCEPT for mmcm2 (biochem+pharmaco) and OSPE… i came out like totally dejected after the papers lah… biochem i opined that it was borderline for me… and can totally fail OSPE… bahhh very sien wan u know…

after exams

Last paper was on 28th… naturally i didn’t celebrate much of my birthday (on 27th-anatomy+physio ppr)… and hey i know of 3 other ppl with the same birthday now from aimst! lol… thrs loga and jaya also from batch 14, and erm andy from dentistry!!! okay lah, for andy i only knew of after seeing lesley’s blog… haha…

28th=SLEEP SLEEP AND MORE SLEEP!!! but i didn’t break my record of 20 hrs lah… not much to brag of also… darling will probably hentam me when i talk about sleeping more… sigh….

29th=watched harry potter if i’m not mistaken?? had some sweet icey stuff from 600CC and walk walk around gurney

30th=chill around n relax. more like sleeping and watching anime actually…

31st= the list for those eligible for viva is out! basically it’s for those who failed borderline line… like 49, 48, 47 marks liddat… i kena the mmcm2 punya… as expected… sigh… need to study liao… very the sien lor

1st & 2nd august= study n brief relax sessions of anime

3rd august= redeemable viva… ughh.. the memory of it seriously sucks… come out the question i didn’t expect pulak… in addition to the exam ones of course… !! watched a whole lot of anime after that

4th & 5th=another movie!! this time-GI JOES!!! to cheer up mar… not much of other significant things to talk about… oh and i dun like haagen dazzzzzz punya fondue… i still like the ol’ ice cream in super delicious cone!!! HD n BR have great cones lol!

6th= hair cut!!! i have short hair now!!! hahahah… now i cannot use my long hair to swish swish and irritate ppl already… like my sister/xiang xiang/jolyn/darling etc….

7th= results out… as expected, failed something… but didn’t know what subject lah… the journey to aimst=me+darling+jolyn, back to penang=added a sue anne… lol… plans to go clubbing cancelled… and instead, another movie!! some hk movie about the police and shares n companines n stuffs… quite nice leh… jolyn leh duno how to watch this kinda movie… aiyohhyohhh

8th= sue anne flies back to sabah… didn’t manage to say bye bye n take care to her oso… was too busy being a pig sleeping… 😛 terrible me… her flight was at 8 smtg bah….

9th- drive dwn from penang to kl… wad a LONG LONG drive…. n i din sleep also… which is weird, i usually can catch an hour or 2 of sleep….at least! then went hunting for dinner… dinner was at summer cafe which is like really really near berjaya times square… but it was kind of a letdown actually… cos it was just- normal… nothing really special about the food… and then hunted for james long wootton’s office… which is like seriously opposite klcc nia…

10th=sunway lagoon!!!!! twas a big letdown though…

we reached thr quite early (by that i mean about 2smtg)… purchased our ticket at about 2:5+pm and walked in… tickets n lockers n FOOD really v cut throat thr one loh…. wanna earn so much money frm ppl (especially the tourists)… many frm mid east i could see… n since it’s the summer holidays…. wahhhhsehhh man… it was so crowded lah!! and it’s a monday u knw…. sien, i wan less ppl so tat no need to line up for certain rides bah… hehehe…

neways… not happy cos when we requested for 3 parks, they gave 2 parks punya ‘wristband/watch’ thingy but at the correct price for 2 of course… this we realised because we headed for the EXTREME park first… then after much hoo-hah with the management who then agreed to exchange (at first they requested us to top up which would incurr additional charges compared to if we bought the 3 park package frm the counter blah blah blah), it looked like it was abt to rain so in the end just busuang them n left oso lah… beginning already mood spoilt… aihhh…

then we quite enjoyed ourselves at the amusement park… only the scary n heart-jump-out kinda rides only for us though… n when we wanted to go to the wet park… DIE!!! start raining heavily… they all close this close that… CANNOT GO FOR ANYTHING!!! sad lah…. paid so much and yet…. didn’t play to our heart’s content…. eyer… i don’t like!!

i think the sunway lagoon should change lah… i mean, if we don’t play until we suang and leave the place with good memories… they rugi also right? why not try implementing something like, if it rains (or other unforeseeable circumstances leading to us, the customers, cannot play until happy happy go back) to have a partial refund or something… i’m not asking for 100% lah… but maybe can calculate calculate based on the hours spent thr compared to the average customer… something liddat…

oi sunway lagoon u hear me or not??!!

i do understand however this blog doesn’t get much hits lah… sighhh

oh wellls… NEXT TOPIC!

we left at bout 5 smtg pm, went ovr to ivan’s place to wash up, since we’d get wet n dirty anyway if we washed up lagoon’s premises. then after that at 830 we had dinner at wangsa maju!! the legendary nasi lemak near tar college area to be exact… why is it legendary you may ask?? according to a certain someone… one the stall opens at 6, thr will always be a line queuing for their nasi lemak wan… until they close at er… midnight?? i’m not so sure about that… true enough, thr really was a line the whole time we were there… service is quite fast though.. n the food… absolutely delicious! can’t guarantee the same about hygiene though… cost about rm5 for rice+sambal+fried egg+fried chicken n cucumber… niceyyy taste… i was so tempted to have a second plate… but i couldnt give in to temptation now would i??! i tapau-ed and had it the next day instead… hahaha

11th=drove around everywhr looking at houses… thrs this house that costs 2+ million smtg at kepong which belongs to a malay… quite nice… cute n homey.. but not really me in a sense lol…. then looked at studios n stuffs and had ice cream! nothing much interesting… then flight back to miri at 840 pm…

12th= go out watch gi joes again with laine, fiq n bian….

ohhhh afiq!!! i’ll be thr for raya!! lol…..

and hence, it shall end here for now….

oh did i say???

i have SHORT HAIR now!!!

oh yeah and erm….

i became 53kgs accidentally again… all that not exercising n eating during examss…. sighhh