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I’m full of hope

but the schedule is just



0130 am: Time to wake up!!!!!!!!!!! some last minute packing of nearly-forgotten stuffs and we’re off to the canteen!! Need to climb down the short way in pitch black with the aid of torches… :S

0230 am: head back to where we stayed for the night and waited there for the guide… wahliu… we wait so so long okay… he was about half hour late… :S

took some panadol as well to counter the altitude effects… aiksss terrible i tell u…

~0300 am??: CLimbing starts!! Beginning full of rocks… steps… more rocks… and more steps to overcome…

0400 am: even more rocks and steps


0600am: OI! i tot the peak v near onli!! why haven’t reach one!!! feel like giving up lah… MUST REACH PEAK!!! if not my money kan wasted if i give up??????

~0700am??: FINALLY reach!!! i touched the board liao wei!!! hahahah!summore got take pictures! wakakaka

even though me, mz, adrian were among the last ones to reach…. but AT LEAST we reach mar…. haha!

the Loh family was so fit and so ahead of us… wahliu i shud’ve trained!

i wanna die already owhkay!! me got no training to scale a mountain like this lah!  next time, i definitely won’t come back again….

unless i so wuliao go and train 3 times a week walking through hills/running around some banjaran


walk walk walk walk….

walk some more

walk again

down down down

It was torturing… Because I felt like i was gonna shit at any moment, and that it was just knocking on the ‘door’ liddat…


v cham one that feeling okay… tahan so long ( about 3 hours) PLUS cimbing/walking DOWN the mountain combination does NOT go well together… and when i finally reached the ‘pit stop’ i faster rushed to the only toilet cubicle there and squat for what seemed like at least 15 minutes or half an hour??….. eew lah… a bit like lao sai… but not totally lao sai liddat….


so vulgar

i mean me

ANYWAYS, when i finally finished my ‘business’,  finally down and down again we go…..

Finally reached our accomodation place at about 10?? i think we reached last…

because of me taking up so much time in the toilet also…. hehehe

We rested for about half an hour/one hour… packed our remaining stuffs into the big backpacks, and headed down for our VERY the late breakfast… actually it isn’t served until this late but… ehehehehe

Then as we most definitely cannot make it down to the Timpohon gate for the lunch, we requested for packed lunches also.. so we had to wait again…. hahaha….

wait wait wait

finally done, and we began our journey down, taking the timpohon trail instead of the mesilau trail we took on our way up.


down down


down down down we go…

our guide so nice. He charged us rm25 per bag if we wanna hire him… so cheap!! usually it’s rm9 perkg okay…. so i give him my bag… wakakakaka!!!

luckily i did so too… cos the climbing up the previous day sure made my shoulders extra extra super sore… and even without me carrying the bag down now… it was really really really straining my shoulders oso okay… and my muscles everywhere started to ache… so you could hear lots of complaints lah…

Ming Zhi baru lihai… his knee joint pain like OMGOODNESS like that… still can climb to peak… then climb down… so u say he lihai o not… if me i sure hire the porter to carry me down if that pain ok…

so all i carried were the packed lunches…. of which all of us couldn’t finish half also by the time we reached the timpohon gate… so we opted to give em to the guide instead. HAHAH…

the guide oso so geng!! don’t play play… he took 3 humongous backpacks that we put all the heavy stuff in… still walk around like so eng like that… cis…

ths ppl really really used to the load/strain/wuliao dunno wad word to use already…


Gas tong lah, Carts and carts of eggs lah, bread lah, meat lah, grains lah, EVERYTHING LAH!

and then they carry the trash down….

wahliu…. you imagine right… when they were building the accomodation/cables/piping up there


eyer never mind, back to the topic.

*Chocolates are VERY HARD and NOT NICE if you decide to consume them at heights higher than Laban rata

*APril is the best month to go mount Kinabalu. September is rainy season. We were only lucky it didn’t rain when we were there. It rained everyday for the whole week or some thing before us being there…

*TRAIN if you don’t wanna end up like me and walk funny funny like duck after you climb down….

We had Bak Kut Teh for dinner at Yau Kei ( i think that’s the name gua…) which was in town loh… quite nice…

special in the sense that for every organ/part of the pig/ they cook and serve it in seperate bowls… this makes the taste a tee-wee different for each bowl loh… haha

anyway, as long as it’s nice, i like!

Got a hotel (Capitol) and crashed there!

seriously. Unpack, Bathe, then OFF TO SLEEP at about 10??

a really weird funeral if you ask me…