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so the freaking me out!!


on another note,

passed cvs, but only got a c+ for theory paper.

ospe/osce… not bad lur haha!

bahh!! 😦


emotions are practically synonymous with a roller coaster ride for me

at times i can really go high high high and up so high

but in a blink of an eye i’m back on the ground


or maybe i’ll be uberly sad

then something happens and i will seem to forget why i was sad in the first place

in this sense it’s good i suppose?



or maybe another example

being hyper and hyper and hyper

but can only maintain for a certain number of hours

then too tired to maintain dy

or is that because of a sugar rush or something??

errrr letz see something else

i get very very angry over something

then in the midst of being angry, i forget the reason for it

but i still wanna be angry loh

cos not worth it only angry for while nia

since it’s like a big issue or something

i can’t remember lah


i think i’m a weird person

I spent rm 335 the last weekend…

so i’ll be feeling ultimately guilty if i spend more money again…

plus used another rm 110 to buy my Davidson’s Principles & Practice of Medicine!

plus, just asked daddy to book my tickets home…

rm 800 for december (return)

rm300 for cny (one way)

plus, last few months i also spent a lot of money too

my lg crystal rm 2000

my stethoscope+pen torch+ hammer rm 230

embryo book (i didn’t touch until now!!) rm 70

bb cream (which i only use occasionally) rm 70

pay back ppl for hotel accomodation for Sabah trip rm 200

and another few hundred ringgit for goodness knows what crap

plus i wanna go thailand!!!

which will definitely cost another rm300 for air tickets and dunno how much for hotel!!

and all other etcetera expenses?? in this future trip??

hmmm… okay lorrr dun wanna go shopping dy!!!


Shopping List:





and all the other what-nots that i need cos my clothes do not complement me at all now that i’m at least 5kgs lighter than i was one year ago!!!

awww shuckss