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Ming Xin cafe is situated right at the traffic lights when you go up the hill heading to my house

so, since it was so convenient,

on christmas eve, i had lunch with my mum and youngest sis at this new place (to me at least)

i ordered beef noodles

while they had chap fan (mixed rice)

here’s my food

and here’s the receipt

What do i think??

(Out of 5 Stars)

Staff —> 4.5 Stars

very friendly, with all smiles, service is good


1. Drinks —>2.5 stars

just the normal drinks lor~~~

2. Chap Fan —>3 stars

Quite nice

Not exceptionally exageratingly excellent though. Just normal chap fan that is quite okay

3. Beef noodles —>2 stars


Too salty, too much MSG, cannot taste the real ‘essence’ of beef noodles.

Plus, the noodles they used was the big, round, yellow commercial type.

The only good part was that there was 1 edible (soft enough) tendon, while the other wasn’t soft enough. But i honestly dunno how to appreciate EATING tendons so i passed ’em to my mum instead. According to her, it’s supposed to be like quite expensive or something?? oh well…

The meat isn’t tender enough for me and it was sliced into super thin pieces like charsiew liddat, oh and there was pieces of stomach as well.. Not much comment on that though

Anyway, the worst beef noodles i have ever tasted so far……

Conclusion: Order whatever you need to order on normal occasions, but DON’T GET BEEF NOODLES!!


note: (you may have or may not have realized this) the rcpt only charged chap fan for 1 person when both mum n sis ordered chap fan. i only realized this when i got to the car… hehe…

well, makes up for my very the busuang unhappiness/disappointment over the beef noodles…


this girl, is 20 for the year 2009, and will turn 21 come July 2010

the coming end of 2009 makes me can’t help but feel that i truly am growing ‘older’. i’m not the same girl i was when i was at 15, nor at 10, and definitely not when i was a mere baby

It sometimes just marvels me

the way people grow up and mature

how people come out to develop a different mindset (of which maturity progresses, or not)

or maybe different appearances (no matter development-wise and dress-wise)

when i was younger i dreamed of growing up

I’m a bit of a boring/dull type of girl if you might say, whose favourite past time is to divulge in stacks and stack of books

I was really timid, with no true friends as i could not grasp the meaning of a true/best friend. In fact i remember not being able to comprehend the purpose of having friends

I wonder if that was because i understood that 天下无不散之筵席, or because I was just a plain girl with not much too talk about (oh did i mention that i’m very very NOT talkative?)

I wasn’t very opinionated (or smart??), and so I really admired those with the guts to go against the peeps in charge (i.e. the parents and teachers at that time)

and oh you won’t be able to imagine the dreams i had

even in primary school itself  i had made the resolution to be a errr more outgoing person, to get the GUTs to just even be able to speak out in the future (i.e. plan executed during Secondary school etc.)

i imagined the circumstances that would take place in Secondary school

and oh how i wished being placed abroad for Uni, and all the angmohs i would get to meet and speak in english without a malaysian slang that seems to plague as all

too much of those English movies and books eh??


Being a teenager wasn’t a turbulent-free ride as well where I tried to sought and find an identity to latch on too

i wished for many things, some materialized

most didn’t

and of course there are the few regrets now and then for immature thinking and action at the time

mostly regarding relationships with those around me and opinions towards studying

and now i wish to remain and be the silly and cute little girl at the age of 5

when I don’t think the concept of 100% had even reached me

oh heck I think I didn’t even really understood the concept of marks until I was in Primary 2 or 3??





this is getting a tad bit nostalgic

not at all me

but then it is me




I think my short hair really really makes me look like my

primary school days

and kindy days

and pre-school days


Merry Christmas everybody!!