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grrr!! another 4 mosquitoe bites

that became so itchy it woke me up from my afternoon slumber!!

all on my left arm which i left OUTSIDE the blanket


stupid mosquitoes…

i wonder why i have such a high affinity for mosquitoe bites!!

highest record i can achieve for one day is approx. 15!!

and i’m not even in the jungle….

but at home!

(ok lar not technically home since i’m not in miri also)

my legs are now in their worst condition ever from all the scars and redness

the ones on my arms still not that obvious

walao eh

what can i do to make myself unattractive to these mosquitoes






He is our maker

and we were created to be the object of His love

Those who know of His love

We love him back so very much

in each of our own ways


And yet,

We as children,

have acted as all children have

there are the times

we choose to ignore His words

we choose to strike back in the most hurtful way

and commit to do the things that are known of the rebellious child

Can you imagine how much heartache

He has endured?



At the end of the day

whatever happens

there is still love

His love.


Do you

love Him back??