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i spent about rm350 on

2 dresses, 1 tubetop, 1 tanktop and 1 shirt

(plus 3shirts for my sista as well…)

need to go scouting here and there for sales and discounts!

it’s so tiring!

it’s so so sooooooo sien when many a timeSSSS you spot something you LIKE

BUT it’s SOOOOOOO expensive

like i feel very bad for so much money to be spent larr~~~


abigail so suang can get rm100+ de levi’s jeans lorrr

i also want to be this lucky~~

pls pls??


but of course that’s not the grand total of the amount of money i’ve spent lah

err hello i got so many things that i must have!!





and more food for example!




so, yay! i think i can pass my practical!! which is like a super duper opposite to my feelings for the theory paper loh…

so lunch time and rest time until epp oral exam (which was originally scheduled for 4pm but the lecturer like totally forgot and blur blur and finally last minute change to a bit earlier since we were there early!!)

another rest-period so sue anne can do her stuffz and we, REST and pack… and at approximately 8, off we head to queensbay mall, penang to do some shopping! and some ice cream on the way too! (didn’t do much shopping for me though since i like to go slow and steady and browse through stuff..)

Mois time!!!

The people: YLing, SHuey, JohnY, SWoi, JolynC, TX, AdrianC, ColeenW, Sue anne, aaaand ME!!!

This being my first time, i couldn’t help but compare the venue and stuff i saw with what u typically see in the movies/drama/tv whatever media… and my conclusion?? CANNOT COMPARE LAH…. if this being one of the better places in penang is like this right, i can’t imagine the inside of Miri’s Balcony loh… =.=

but not bad lah actually… the staff not bad… and summore before go in, they took pictures and gave us as souveneirs loh…

Oh well, just an experience mah… so just enjoy the company haha… and seeing how other ppl act =)

Sue anne whole night busy protecting Coleen…. YLing and SHuey before go in mmg crazy crazy, AFTER go in become even more crazy… but SHuey still more sane-er looking than Yling lah…

John also face so red and dance with a slightly rounded guy of which he had no recollection of after that also… SWoi ok ok loh… but very funny and embarassing lah his experience which is not really mine to tell.. Jolyn and adrian the most cool and steady ones since they had the least to drink…

Me?? I think i got a little tipsy myself… Walking a bit clumsy…but then i usually already AM quite clumsy myself (more so in dark places) without any alcoholic influence also… hehe

SO maybe just add on a little MORE of the usual clumsiness and red face… Thank God i have someone to hang on to throught the night… if not sure trip on stairs or whatever one…

We were there for about 4 hours and after that left for supper cum late nite drinks cum waking up from alcohol influence… Funny thing is, even though i wasn’t particularly drunk, i had this urge to vomit loh… SERIOUS!! can ask anybody there that i didn’t go crazy under alcohol owhkay…

i highly suspect it was because we didn’t have a proper dinner before going…

neways, i straightaway plopped on the bed when we were back.

WITHOUT bathing AND removing makeup…

woke up about 6 hours later to clean up myself though… XD


a day of rest… or so i thought until that evening when i was in the car and on my way to KL along with AD, his parents and the maid… =.=

i slept through most of the journey and we reached there at about 10pm. Move all the stuff up to Eugene’s condo (or well technically his parent’s condo) and had dinner right there…

The night wasn’t to my liking though… the bed not ngam me, n the pillow not ngam me, the whole room not ngam me lah… mb cos i’m not used to it? or maybe i wasn’t tired enough cos i can practically sleep comfortably on the floor if i’m really really tired…


so maybe we can do some shopping in KL instead? anway, they were all busy putting up things in the condo like the metal thing to hang your clothes behind the door, hang mirror, drill this and that… i was like bodoh-bodoh liddat… cos cannot help to do anything also… since i have no idea how to do the things they want doing also….

i mean… i’m 21, a girl who was brought up with no move-house experience.. so i obviously don’t know how to DRILL stuff! maybe i can do a bit of senget hammering lah… i’m confident of that at least! dunno how i’m gonna survive when i get a house in the far away future loh…

but i really can help if u want me to, and teach me while ur at it??

bah… so had a walk at the garden cum playground cum swimming pool cum courts area with AD whilst we waited for them to finish… and we then dropped by midvalley for dinner and some window shopping…

Not much activity really… we went back to the condo after that to get our stuff and


and then on the journey i could sleep again, but when we reached our destination, whilst he enjoyed his game with HON/Garena depending on his mood, i sat beside and looked at the gameplay… and keep on asking why dun use deadwood/scout or mirana/pebbles etc. already…

i think i may have spent too much of my time observing gameplays…

now, i’m even considering to participate to see what the hype is all about… XP

but i dun wanna use garena lah cos i think the graphics are very lousy and sien to the eye (my very first thoughts when i first saw it played).

if i were a gamer, i would use HEROES OF NEWERTH! which has amazing graphics… but still in beta so must get beta key only can play… and i also duno how to get beta key so don’t ask me!

$30 bucks if u wanna buy the account though and the application is open… but since u can play for free during beta hor… :S

only problem is hard to get beta key. trust me, i checked. but then i’m also a noob so maybe cannot trust me??

but i’m not a gamer also loh…

or maybe i should start to start training my mind to be sharp?? i think my brain is like forever on 1st or 2nd gear liddat only…


okay lah we’ll see how things turn out

I just had my GIT (Gastrointestinal) theory paper this morning

and it was terribly freakingly horrible!!!

i’m 80% sure that i’ll flunk it… the question is… whether i make the 40% mark or not?

so very very the sked lor…

if NOT, then need to do so many mafan things just to QUALIFY to sit for the finals….

like one assignment for every ? marks to redeem this qualification TO SIT FOR FINALS!


which makes me feel like just saying… oh SHYTT!!

but then har i’m a good girl loh so i’ll just say that i FEEL like saying that without actually saying it!

hah! so there!

that’s how bad it is…