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wah wah wah~~~~~~~~
i’m so happy~~~~~~~~

CNS exam is over!!! the ContinuousAssesment is at least…
it’s the first time i’m this happy after an exam u know…
everybody come out also very happy today…

well at least a pass is guaranteed mar…

now, time to play~~~


so yes… i think i’ve neglected this baby for so so long that i’m starting to feel a teensy weensy bit of guilt loh… and crap… it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post so… arghhh

well the main reason of my absence, is that i’m doing all okay… not much interesting things to talk about anyway(either positive or negative aspects)… alright fine… there was the PROM thing last week and the dance prep that we had to do… okay okay i’ll talk about that then next time… (if i ever remember??)

WAlao-eh Themed “Glamorous Glitterati”, it is our AIMST MBBS first ever prom organized by the committee from my batch!! muahaha our batch so happening leh… i’m not praising myself okay since i’m not on committee anyway… hahahah!!

lol… anyways… another chance to dress to kill~~ play with makeup, hair… and spend a lot of $$$…


so yeah, me n 4 other frens conspired to dance “Oh!” by SNSD (or Girls generation)… ahaha… spend quite a many days practising for it… then had another last minute call to join john they all for their dance (which i think i suck terribly in anyway)…

at least i contributed???
but walao-ehhh
vvv rush loh… make me cannot enjoy as much as i want tat evening… next time (even if got a next time) must limit to 1 performance enough dy…
so lil pictures….

nvm… enough update??
oh well not enough also must enough la… cos my exam i so soon…
my absence will be anticipated already… hahhaha