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me was in queesnbay

me wanted to buy contact lenses

cos me on my last pair of contact lenses

me go withdraw rm300 frm CIMB atm


me now spies optical shop just right opposite the bank

this is the plastic bag from the optical shop i spied

me spies the young and pretty optician and asks price for contact lenses

but me feels eyesight very blur recently (many months already in fact)

so me ask miss optician to check my eyes

miss optician check my current glasses and fill in form

then miss optician ask me go sit at small machine to check eyes

me see hot-air-balloon in small machine

then miss optician ask me go sit at big machine

me guai guai sit down and stare at colours, words and numbers

me sit for very very long time

result come out liddis: -525 (SPH) both eyes PLUS -50(CYL) both eyes

last time is -500R/-425L and NO CYL!!!

so ok me get over the shock of the magnitude of the increase

me contemplates buying new glasses in september when go back miri so daddy/mummy pays for it

me agrees to buy contact lenses

miss optician check for my brand of contact lenses

RM69per box, get 3 box free 1 box

(each box got 3 lenses ONLY=6 pairs in 4 boxes)

yes me knows me choice of contact lenses expensive

not only that

but SUPER expensive!

but what to do?

me eyes very picky

last time me wear acuvue (secondary school time)

make both me eyes red red!

red many days

then dun believe wear again, and again


shit acuvue!

y dun ngam me!

so me resort to Air Optix- the only monthly silicon hydrogel lenses available

and the most bloody expensive lenses ever

now also got daily silicon hydrogel lenses by acuvue

but if liddat even more EXPENSIVE then buying air optix loh

miss optician gimme 4 boxes of air optix -525 lenses

then miss optician tell me got promotion/package or whatever they call it with the company- Air Optix

*Buy 6 boxes from that shop by the end of 31 Dec 2010 and will give customer 2 boxes of Solocare Aqua Solution*

I think guardian/watson’s sell 3 boxes for RM38.88 or something??

so next time must come where re-supply to save RM on solution

miss optician also gimme one pair of trial lenses haha!

so me ‘zap dou’

summore every pair me sure wear >1month de


so this day, RM 207 fly away from me just like that.

haven count food etc yet.


i seriously didn’t know how to differenciate loh,

until i read this particular set of notes which illustrates the below:


Stuffy nose- common

Sneezing- usual

Sore throat- common

Fatigue, weakness- quite mild


Stuffy nose- SOMETIMES


Sore throat- SOMETIMES

Fatigue, weakness- CAN LAST 2 TO 3 WEEKS

*The most characteristic symptom of flu: HIGH FEVER (3-4days), PROMINENT HEADACHE

So, dun simply simply say it’s a flu when u have a runny nose loh… cos it’s most probably not… aaah Malaysians…

This being my second visit to the said restaurant, i had hoped that it would salvage itself from the not-so-good impression that i have from my previous visit.

This is the flyer which tempted me to go there again. Note the RM8.90 nett… I did not notice the fine print saying that it is RM8.90 ONWARDS. :S

My fish set rice 咖喱鱼柳饭(RM10.90). It’s small. Will only be enough to eat for a lady like me. NO-no for big guys (and some girls) who may have a huge apetite.

Basically there’s is one fistful (MY fist at least) of rice with curry which tasted SO-SO and 2 pcs of fish fillet which made me go OMG cos there’s like this small small tail at the end of the fish fillet there. See if u can spot them! the fist was just like erm… normal fried fish fillet loh??

Made me imagine them chopping off the tiny fishies’ tails then attach it to the fillet by dunno wat method loh… :S

Then for the sides, the ring-shaped fried thingy which i have no idea is what, COLD garlic-ed veggie, the yellow preserved sweet-sour thingy that gets ur apetite groovin’, and something else that i forgot haha!

If you don’t see these in the picture? that’s coz i’ve already eaten it!

Now for the bowl of soup that comes with the rice. STupid soup is only filled MSG, salt, garlic and onion leaves (if u get what i mean?), which may or may have been brewed for a while or it’s just chicken stock??

Another dish, Pork rice set  排骨酥饭(RM9.90) also found on the brochure was ordered. No pics for that though, the taste was just erm… normal also loh, nothing very fabulous about it.

This is my half eaten 鲜果爱玉冰 (RM6.50). Blended ice at the base of the bowl, with balls of real fruit surrounding the circumference, in the middle, pieces of konyaku jellies, mango pieces, and topped with some syrup (which i don’t know of course).

I don’t know why, but everything melted and mixed together, the flavour reminds me of the yellow-coloured kickapoo soft drink! not bad lah this one…

Total meal cost:RM27.30 for two.

Well, i’m not going to be there anytime soon. And don’t even remind me about my first meal there…