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as well as loga and jaya and andy and jimmy the aimst peeps

not to forget shamala whom i got to know in taylors but won’t have a chance to drop by here anyway!!

haha so many ppl birthday!!

birthday dinner was a terribly superbly filling butchersplatter (meant for 2 persons)!!! at this german restaurant at batu ferringhi!!!

twas my 2nd time to frequent the place and still very much full house as i could see…

i super lurve sausages….

but their serving size is cheat one!!

if they say it’s meant for 2, don’t believe them! 3 karen tan hui hui is needed for the mission instead!

and if it’s meant for1? maybe 1.5 karen tan hui hui is needed!

oh well unless it’s chai chung zeng or liaw jin kiat or kelwin or my sister NOT under control or any other big eaters… who can definitely finish 1 serving and feel that it’s ngam ngam…

errrr they’re BIG EATERS tho…..

argh gained like 2kgs frm this meal i think!!!!!

and i look like 5months pregnant!!!!

oh well birthday over!

time to study!


i want my holidays!!!

stupid exams


i don’t wanna study

i wanna eat
i wanna play
i wanna go shopping
i wanna go online shopping
i wanna go holiday
i wanna watch movies
i wanna read tons n tons of novels
i wanna chill out with my friends
i wanna go yamcha
i wanna surf sites of little importance in my life
i wanna stalk ppl on facebook

i wanna do anything, everything
except study


….exam this week….

i dun like u! u malay lady security guard posted at medical building. i’d be cursing insults and cussing here if i hadn’t had any decency to control myself already…

ok lur so we shouldn’t be leaving via the emergency exit after lectures….
that doesn’t give you the right to have any physical contact with me hmph…
puhlease, even my parents don’t shove me like that however little the energy u put into that brief stint of ‘physical contact’-ing me

aim me one lur… early early morning only ask me show id but not other ppl… it’s not like it’s ur first time seeing me hello???
or isssit that i’m not pretty enough or ugly enough to leave a lasting impression??

i’m angry i’m angry i’m angry

and thus explains this post at this time, or i would forget/cool off about this incident by dinner time…

well i’m very revengeful and calculative and whatsoever at this moment cos of this ’emo’, ‘sensitive’ period i’m going through now and you just had to spoil my day so there!