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Effect of Smoking on Pulmonary Ventilation in Exercise.

It is widely known that smoking can decrease an athlete’s “wind.” This is true for many reasons.

First, one effect of nicotine is constriction of the terminal bronchioles of the lungs, which increases the resistance of airflow into and out of the lungs.

Second, the irritating effects of the smoke itself cause increased fluid secretion into the bronchial tree, as well as some swelling of the epithelial linings.

Third, nicotine paralyzes the cilia on the surfaces of the respiratory epithelial cells that normally beat continuously to remove excess fluids and foreign particles from the respiratory passageways. As a result, much debris accumulates in the passageways and adds further to the difficulty of breathing.

Putting all these factors together, even a light smoker often feels respiratory strain during maximal exercise, and the level of performance may be reduced.


I feel like i need to BEG ppl to take that house

need to 联络 and confirm everybody’s intentions

and explain the same situation over and over again

sien niar

why don’t u all just make up your mind from the start

RM560 for a 5 bedroom house in BLM


the owner was asking for rm600 previously loh!

and why don’t u all just take my word for it that it’s an amazing house

am i not trustworthy?

is it being in the same course and seeing each other EVERYDAY



have been thinking over and over again

to just forfeit the deposit

and give myself some peace of mind

have to keep calling so many ppl

i’m not rich loh

and i’m NOT  a patient person


i love dim sum!
but it’s like really really hard to get them fresh out of the steamer/fryer whatever they use to cook ’em.
They SERIOUSLY taste different from those ready made ones…

*lip smackingly good*

One nice dimsum place that i’ve chanced upon is the dimsum place near Tanjung Tokong (Penang). VVV fresh stuff when i went there, and when u bite, got this ‘doing doing’ feeling
The place is food court style, open but shaded. And they only starting MAKING your food AFTER u place your order. So it might be quite a wait if there’s many ppl. It’s a new place from what i heard though hehehe

Another one is A Little Dim Sum Place in the hartamas area?? nice too. but of course slightly pricier than the pg one since it’s in a nice nice shop and it’s KL~~~

that’s all the dimsum i have for now~~~