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the first time in a real kampung

where chickens n ducks n cow feces are abundant

and have to roam around in the hot hot sun knocking on doors

with many nice friendly ppl willing to help out with the survey

and some ‘rejections’

as well as doing statistical stuff!! (did not expect this in medicine, truly)

the first time stepping into the wards

asking lots n lots n lots of questions to take a full history, everyday

(worrying that all these will disturb the patient at the same time)

seeing and examining hernias, cancers, lumps, bumps and ulcers among others

the first time going for OT for O&G

seeing a caesarian section

an ovarian tumor

which was coincidentally approximately the size of a football

the first time in the labour room

with the first vaginal examination

first still born

and first live birth

the first time skipping a significant number of classes

when u jz feel so so tired after being in the wards the whole morning

hoping that there are more firsts to come…