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after a rigorous search for a gazillion pictures of people’s mouths gaping wide open……

i’ve come to realize
that i’ve seen quite a significant number of mild degree of high arch palates
1 or 2 moderately high ones
and also throw in one of those torus platinus

ahhh well at least i’m not ignorant about palates anymore……
(so saddening really, when u think it has already been 6 months in 3rd year)


Suddenly had this idea to search for available routes reaching miri from penang…


For Air Asia (all quite affordable, everyone can fly what~~)

Miri to:

1. KL (3-4/day)

2.JB (once a day- at abt 10?)

3. Spore (some days of the week)

4. Kuching (twice a day)


KL would be the more convenient one since there are SOOOO many pen-kl flights throughout the day… and i’ve been using that route since like FOREVER!


it’s crowded,

have to wait for 3 hours for the next flight (it’s a budget carier wad u expect),

and it’s a FREAKIN long journey from the plane to the baggage area/arrival lounge!!!!!!


so, who wanna sponsor my next Malaysia Airlines flight???