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A job well done, deserves praise. Not a doubt about it.

What about a job with so-so/bad results, but with incredibly much effort put into it?

Would you say:

a) that was incredibly amazing!!! you have such talent in this, keep up the good work!!

b) i know that u’ve put a lot of effort in this job and u were awesome cos not many will do the same. However, maybe you could try doing this, this and this to improve on the results.

c) i’ve never seen anyone putting so much into this project! way to go!

d) it sucks

If i’m at the RECEIVING end, I would choose B. Because i can get real and actual feedback/comments on the job itself.

A is plain lousy ‘cos it feels like polishing shoes to me, or maybe the person didn’t even pay enough attention on which were the good points and bad points. if everybody just keeps praising despite the lousy job you were doing, how the heck are u supposed to know ur flaws and improve on them???

C is okay okay, but keeping mum about the improvements that can be done in the future.

D, well it can be devastating on the person on the receiving end you see……

On the other hand, I would usually give a C-like opinion,

and avoid A & D like a plague. even though i really feel like blurting out D most of the time.

I think??? maybe the people around me might beg to differ regarding my reaction?

I seriously need to brush up the art of speaking… sighhhhhh