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and so far i have started year 4 with 2 postings.

firstly, psychiatry posting, and the one which i’m on the brink of finishing, orthopedics.

For Psychiatry

where the bread and butter remains with schizophrenia and mood disorders (mania, depression and bipolar), it was certainly an eye opening experience where we not only clerk the patients and examine their mental status in the ward, there were opd sessions where we get to see quite a number of different presentations of illnesses, and the home visits for the patients. and that there is actually so much effort going on targeting the patients so that they actually get the chance to lead a somewhat normal life.

and here’s my take on psychiatric patients so far. that these are living, breathing individuals, that are struck by a disease (with etiology of biopsychosocial entities) of which they cannot help it or prevent it from happening. and what actions they are doing, they cannot control.

i repeat, they don’t want to be abnormal. they wanted to be integrated into society.

however they are suffering from this disease that causes all these symptoms which they don’t want, and hence end up being prejudiced, shunned, cursed and isolated.

yes they speak to themselves, yes they have abnormal motoric behavior, yes they can be suicidal and yes they may be violent.

but do you think that all this is their choice?

given a chance, i believe they will not choose to remain the way they are.

given a chance, i believe they want to be normal again.

they were normal, and they were struck by a disease, and they will need some interventions (biopsychosocial approach) so that they regain the normality in their lives, the way it was supposed to be without the presence of the disease.

on the other hand though, for some patients with no insight regarding their medical condition, they remain oblivious to what is happening, with no worries, no fears, no insecurities. it’d be great to have less burden on your life.

but then again, what is life, without its ups and downs?

For Orthopedics

I started the posting with some apprehension for a number of reasons.

my basic anatomy has never been good (still isn’t much good in fact) wherein first year i basically got lucky and passed the subject (it was mostly muskuloskeletal stuff then). and even though it wasn’t too bad in 2nd year when it was system based approach, i would consider it much easier and that i did ok, but that doesn’t apply to the current posting so…..

next, that it’s a tough subject, with no-nonsense lecturers that will demand that you put in your best effort. and the so called ‘horror stories’ that we’ve heard so far… >.< i don’t think i really want to elaborate on it but it does make you feel like you’ve got to be on your toes all the time.

now that it’s ending, i can truthfully say that, yes it’s tiring, yes it’s busy, yes there’s a lot of studying and yes it’s tough.

but it’s ALSO fun- liberty to just pop in and have a look at ray’s amputation/bka/other ops/debridement and dressing, just plain ol’ taking blood or setting up iv drips, the most canggih is getting the chance to observe the skeletal traction being done which you don’t really get to see much in the normal hours of the day that ur usually there.

there’s the constant adrenaline rush. to complete your case reports, clerking/examining/studying for the class on the next day, to complete homework, observing and performing procedures in the ward etc.

i think i lost 1kg from all that hanging around in the ward, most of the time standing/walking instead of sitting down. although i think i regained it this past 1 week when i rewarded myself with food hahaha. although sometimes it’s just so tiring you’ll just choose your bed over food. but nah i’ll get myself some bread at the very least cos i can’t go hungry. so maybe when i lose my apetite or something.

it was a cool posting. the lecturers weren’t what i expected. they were sarcastic and yet funny at the same time. and i could feel their dedication to make us better doctors of the future that i can’t help but try to live up to it. we’ll see in the future what happens LOL!

End of 2011 postings!

having a drink at STATION ONE with the crazy peeps. in fact just a few hours ago.

now, to think whether i should bring back some books to study this time. and whether it’ll fail, again.