I personally find looking for info on the web regarding clinical electives to Taiwan quite a hassle. As of December 2012, the official websites of the universities and hospitals that I have looked up provide inadequate info which may vary from minor details to major must-do points, so you will need to approach and contact them by email to get the complete set of information. Not to mention, it will be easier if you can read Mandarin to gleam and search for the info you want from the website. Hence, my decision to put up this blog post. Although I’m pretty unsure whether anybody reads blogs anymore haha!

By and large, you will need to submit: application form, photocopy of your student ID, academic transcript, CV, recommendation letter by your dean, photocopy of your passport.

Some will require a learning proposal, chest xray, and medical insurance.

These documents can be emailed (easiest way), faxed or posted to the respective institutions.

For contacts/emails of the PIC of the institutions I applied to:

1. Taipei Medical University –> Miss Jewel Chu –> jewelchu@tmu.edu.tw

2. National Cheng Kung University –> Miss Jui Chen –> jjc81@mail.ncku.edu.tw

3. Kaoshiung Medical University –> Dept of clinical education and training –> Miss Lee I-Ping –> dcet@kmu.edu.tw

4. Tzu Chi Hospital, Taipei –> xd010050@tzuchi.com.tw

For Tzu chi application documents

You will need:
1. Curriculum vitae
2. Learning program, including objectives, duration, and specialties of interest
3. Proof of current status, which can include either certificate of employment, letter of recommendation from university, or report card.
4. Passport page which shows personal information
5. Medical license if available
Hospital accomodation is available at NTD 3000/month (Twin Room), and internet fee NTD 500/month.

Veterans Hospital’s form is here www.mre.vghtpe.gov.tw/word/Overseas_applicants_for_electives.doc


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