As a medical student at AIMST, of course we are buried with heaps and heaps of reading material that are recommended by the faculty, seniors etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I love reading – if its stuff from Rick Riordan, Rowling and the like. But academically?? I’ve never been the consistent, hardworking (or smart working) medico that I should be. That said, here are the books that I, or others have been using, and i’ll elaborate slightly on what the layout is like.

Check out google books and your uni library first to see if you FALL IN LOVE with your textbooks first though, if you’re like me, and prefer the original over photocopied versions. There’s just something magical about holding a nice solid book instead of photocopies and e-books  ^^

But of course I do have some other photocopied books that I’m not in love with, or is a small component/posting.

Anatomy Please get the original books!!!

1. Choose 1 textbook among Gray’s Anatomy for students; Snell’s; Keith L Moore. Some might get Maheswari although I’m not really a fan of it.

A nice book for Neuroanatomy is by Inderbir Singh published by Jaypee. Nice drawable diagrams and easy-to-understand English.

2. Get Netter’s atlas so when u read, ur texbook and atlas is side by side, and you DRAW!! DRAW AND DRAW MORE! how i regret not reading my anatomy you will never know T.T


Not really necessary to get a book, but if you do, get this Elsevier orange coloured one by an Indian author. Forgot the name of the book though, sowie!


2 great textbooks are Guyton’s textbook of physiology; Ganong. Choose either. Both have their own merits. my batch’s preferences are quite equally divided between this 2.


i hate u i hate u!!! my dislike for biochem is so intense that i don’t touch my biochem textbook at all and read entirely from the lecture slides.

Nonetheless, EVERYBODY uses the lippincott textbook


Mim’s microbiology was recommended. But I also dislike this subject hence my over-reliance on lecture notes, especially dear Dr. PKR’s haha! Don’t think I would sit down and listen in the lectures if it wasn’t for his humor keeping all that excitement going on.


REALLY REALLY REALLY important to score this for your future clinical years. Another regret for over-relying on lecture notes XO

EVERYBODY uses Katzung by the way.

Community Medicine 

1. Lecture notes

2. The epidemiology book / lecture notes authored by our lecturers – must buy


*psst, let me know if i’ve missed out any subjects okay??*