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So, you’re a medical student and you wanna go back home for your elective posting? READ on!

The stuff here at the end will be specifically for Miri General Hospital, although I think the procedure is the same throughout Malaysia. Application is possible both by post and email to the Sarawak Health Department.

Alternatively, you can apply from your university also (or at least AIMST does that).

Anyway, after you have applied, you will need to wait for your letter from the State Health Dept, call up Miri Hospital for any queries you might have but I think the info here is pretty comprehensive dy hehehe.

On the first day of your elective posting, report at the Training and Competency Section of Miri General Hospital. It is almost at the end of the long long corridor from the main entrance, and you essentially look for the directions to the Laundry.

Then when you reach the Laundry area, It’s like, you’ll have to go inside to the end, where you’ll see lots and lots of racks of clothing, bedsheets etc. and then you’ll see that the office is on your left! with a small small sign on the door only.


Tell them you’re here to report for your elective posting and the PIC will get your letters (SWK Health Dept plus your dean’s recommendation letter), photocopy some stuff and make some calls, walk out to find the Hospital’s big boss, come back and let you sign in the book for the elective posting, give you your name badge (which is essentially just a laminated manila card with the word elective posting), give you your punch card, guide you how to use it, and whisk you off to your applied department.

Essentials to bring there: Wear formal wear with white labcoat, Black colour Name badge, letter from Swk Health Dept, Letter of recommendation from your dean.

Maybe will blog more about my elective when I’m free next time hehehehehe

Anyways, this blogpost was pretty informative for me

Otherwise, if you’re not satisfied, the stuff below is copied and pasted from

Malaysian Student

You are required to send your application 3 months before the actual posting date. [Download Application Form Here] Please attach with:
1. Letter of Recognition from Dean and Requirement for Elective Posting from the university / institute.
2. Copy of your National Registration Identity Card.

Foreign Student

You are required to:
1. Send your application 6 months before the actual posting date. [Download Application Form Here] Please attach also with:
· Letter of Recognition from Dean or Requirement for Elective Posting from the university / institute.
· Copy of your National Registration Identity Card or International Passport.
2. Apply a Visit Pass from the Immigration Department and entry clearance from Police Department and State Government. The application form as stated below.

For immigration purposes, the following documents are required:
1. Return a completed Immigration Visit Pass – Immigration Regulation 1963 (imm. 12) form. [Download Application Form Here] Visa application form (im.38). [Download Application Form Here]
2. Three (3) copies of passport size photograph.
3. A photocopy of “International Passport” showing your personal particulars.

You are kindly reminded that the Immigration Department will give you a Visit Pass of one month only and you need to pay RM90.00 (Malaysian Ringgit Ninety) once only. For further extension of your stay, you are allowed a maximum period of 3 months. If you need to extend your stay it can be done with the Immigration Department through Sarawak Health Department office. Please do not send any cash or give advance payment because the fees will be collected by the Immigration Department when you come in person to apply for such extension.

Please be reminded that all medical students should comply with all the rules and conditions as mentioned in the [Elective Posting Guidelines] Any further inquiries regarding the Elective Posting’s application, please contact Sarawak State Health Department as stated below.

Please submit all the above application forms and documents needed for Elective Posting training to:

Sarawak State Health Department
Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
93590 Kuching, Sarawak

(Attention to: Training & Competency Section)

Phone No.: (+6) 085-256566 / 085-246409
Faximile No.: 085-258432


So documents to prepare for the visa application include:

1. Actual passport

2. 1 x passport photo

3. Invitation letter and Photocopy ID of the friend/relative in China or proof of hotel booking in China

Now, go to the nearest travel agency that provides visa application services for China. Mine was

Fill in your particulars in the application form there. Get the receipt.

This application cost me RM120/person.

Now, wait at home for 7 working days till they kaotim the rest for you.

Then when they give you a call telling you it’s ready, pick up your passport and get ready to fly to CHINA!!