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Hello GDEX delivery pak cik!!

Time to unbox yeah!!!


Wonderbox decided to have the Valentines theme for the January Box, maybe there’s a CNY theme for February instead?? XD

Now let’s see the contents…


1. Murad Primer 5ml

2. Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask (1 sachet)

3. Elianto lipstick (full size)- a tad dry on the lips compared to the EL i have of course…

4. Coloured hair chalk! – in 2 shades of purple??

5. Ronasutra – sponge 1 piece

6. Ronasutra – powder (full size)

ImageSo there was quite a nice variety of products as you can see. Even Malaysian ones.

Nice touch with the container of scented fake flowers and flower petals throughout the box for the Valentine’s Theme! I suppose chocolates would melt on the way to our houses =P




can play with Hair chalk liao… Purple ones some more hahahahaha… or is the other one pink??? O.o please forgive my lousy sense towards colours, and my unnecessary excitement to try them out.

Boh bienn…. Never try before maaa~~


aaaand the finishing touches for valentines:

some flower petals lying around and a heart shaped container of scented pink fake flowers haha….

okay la… can smell them when i’m too sick of studying~ since there’ll be no flowers for my valentines also



Overall, It’s a nice box. A good mixture of skincare stuff from Murad (now if only they were bigger), makeup stuff from Ronasutra and Elianto, some purple things to play for the hair since i’ve never had that.

Also given was the product info pamphlet from Murad’s and Ronasutra, plus a RM30 Gift voucher from Murad for online purchases.

Anyways, Would like to see more and more stuff! Like Clarins Sunscreen perhaps??? *hands clasped and eyes closed*

Okay time to allocate which item to use and when!

oh yes! time to collect points nyehehehehe










So there, I’ve got Mivva’s Christmas Debut Box.

Requested to get it after my holiday trip, then plus my never ending procrastination, hence this late late post XP

Let’s unbox it now shall we??



Now let’s have a look at this list of contents now shall we???

ImageWhat I got in My box was:

1. BioEssence Exfoliating Gel

2. Oriks Collagen Crystal Cream

3. Heme BB cream

4. Stage False Eyelashes

5. Privia Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam

6. Di Palomo Wild Fig Grape Enriching Hand and Nail Cream

So whilst unwrapping, I got this whiff of a sweet sweet fruity smell! So I was smelling the products one by one.

Sounds so psycho…. XD

Finally discovered that it was the Di Palomo cream!!Image


Close ups:



Aaaand, the pink pouch!! I would have preferred to get the black one though >.<

Since I already have a pink one XD


Too bad the zip inside was so fragile, that I’m wondering whether this pink thingy is the decapitated part. hahaha! Wasn’t that happy with the stitching of the interior compartments.

Anyway, since it’s an addition on top of Beauty products from Mivva, then okay lo I won’t complain so much XDImage

Overall, the products that were pretty good and what I would actually go out and buy if I were happy with them.

Now, let’s see if I really do like them or not first.

So do you wanna get something like this??? Go to!

I googled the invitation code “DiscoverMIVVA” that’s why I could subscribe earlier hehehehe

On second thought, please use my referral ID below! maybe next time got points collection or smtg =)