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Mine was with a pink ribbon this month!


Here’s a list:

1. Murad VITALIC T-zone Pore refining Gel 3.7ml

2. Murad Energizing Pomegranate Mosturizer 30ml

3. H20+ Marine Toner 30ml

4. H2O+ Oasis Dual-Action exfoliating Cleanser 30ml

5. Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer 5ml

6. Clinelle Moisture Booster (Full size of 20ml)

Coming up to be a total worth of a whopping RM260! (rounded up the few sen here and there one lah of course)

Monetarily speaking, this seems to be a real good-for-value box.

Have always wanted to try H2O+! I don’t know why I never did, since the shop is so conspicuously blue and bright, in a beautiful kind of way.

ANOTHER nail lacquer? Great! JB? err great?

Anyway THANK GOODNESS it wasn’t the same color as The Lilac Box’s Max Factor. I already had to give that one away, at least this new color doesn’t look too bad on me. Maybe they’ll bring in more OPI or China Glaze next time? XD

For Clinelle, I’ve never liked Clinelle for some reason. Maybe it’s because I associate the brand with the hospital or something purely because of its name? Have tried the eye stuff but didn’t really work on me. Let’s see if this moisturizer is good stuff.

Oh and a repeat of Murad products, albeit different ones this time. Good lah can try more also. And ANOTHER Murad online shopping voucher??

BTW the code is WB13, same for every box, and beauty box company too i presume XD It’s┬áRM30 off your retail purchase, rule: one voucher one person one transaction, expires in June 2013

It was a bit of a moisturizer overkill for this month. No more moisturizers at least for next month please?

Nice fake flowers btw, the same ones we put up on CNY on dry dead twigs and pretend it’s spring here in Malaysia XD

CNY’s over, but it was a nice touch la. Quite pretty


So last year, there was this BUY ONE FREE ONE promotion for the face masks, RM10 for the exfoliating foot masks. So I was like, WOW the face masks costs like RM1 or something and the market price for exfoliating foot masks were like at least RM30!
LET’S buy!!!

Penny wise, pound foolish my friend.

Out of the 10 face masks that I have bought, I have only tried 4 so far. And that’s pretty good of me already, giving this brand a chance.
The first time I tried some Vitamin C or whitening mask or something. Man! Did it STING! quickly washed off the whole thing in like within 2 mins since I was afraid of an allergic reaction. The 2nd try with another type of mask was uneventful, but the 3rd and 4th? SAME! my face became momentarily red and it really really stung!

Now, how crap is that?

Moving on to the foot ‘masks’. Okay I may have been expecting too much out of my previous experiences of trying LUS exfoliating foot masks. But then, it REALLY REALLY WAS A HORRIBLE experience!

With LUS, your dead skin exfoliates and your feet is like clear of dead skin in 2 weeks, TOPS!
This stupid SAVEE foot masks made my skin come out already. It’s a month down the road and there are still super duper lots of skin flakes hanging around my feet! Not to mention that I only put it on like 5 mins? And the reason was? IT WAS SUPER DUPER TERRIBLY burning me!!

Never, Savee!
Never again!

Got the confirmation email from the hospital last month!

FYI, it’s the only hospital in Taipei that doesn’t charge you a fee for having an elective there. At most, we need to pay for basic things such as hostel, internet, food etc.

Will spend June and first half of July in Taiwan!

Air Tickets booked on Air Asia!

(Actually booked even before they sent me the confirmation haha!)

KUL-TPE 31st May (+food +20kg baggage shared) for RM334

TPE-KUL 13th July (+20kg baggage each) for TWD3600/head = RM376

Hence, I have so far spent RM710 on air tickets.

Further updates? Stay tuned for any June and July updates.