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Many Wonderbox subscribers were let down by the contents this month. ME TOO =(

More Murad vouchers, the repeated and repeated again brand as in the previous months and a total of 3 of it in this box alone really REALLY REALLY had me fed up as well. All also super nano size one sigh…. Can compare with my hand as you can see in these pics…

Some more right, I got one of my friends a March box, as a birthday gift >.<”


I got the one with a Yellow Ribbon. Other versions had a Black Ribbon instead.


The contents of this month’s box include:

1. Murad Oil Free Sunblock SPF30 @RM170/50ml (10ml = RM34)

Good timing for this sunblock. Phuket’s waiting for my arrival in 2 weeks~

Am finishing up my current Zilan Vital one that was gifted to me and was actually contemplating visiting Clarins to get a sample for their sunblock. I guess this will delay it to after being back from Thailand then. Early May perhaps? Unless I succumb to shopping fever in Bangkok that is.



2. Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture RM298/50ml (7.5ml = RM44.7)

The height of this tub is less than the length of my phalanx!! O.o

Looks like a sample for eye creams instead.



3. Murad Active Radiance Serum RM398/30ml (3.7ml = RM49)

Yep, I’ll need this brightening/whitening/radiant serum all right! I’ve just finished mine ages ago. But this is OH, SO TINY!


4. Elianto Lustro Lip Gloss (Colour 06) RM??/??ml

This appeared pretty when swatched on my hand, but too dark for my liking on my lips.

Some others got a blusher from Elianto instead.



5. Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Hand Creme RM??/??ml

I don’t know why, besides that honey smell, I can get a whiff of baby powder?? My nociceptors go haywire kah?

Anyway some others got the Kiwifruit Rejuvenating Hand Creme instead.


Total value of all Murad products: RM128

Other products no idea >.<

Amidst all that anger and disappointment vented out especially on Wonderbox’s Facebook page, I must say that they handled this fiasco really well. The response to customer feedback was exceptionally nice and left a good impression. I must say I will give them another chance because of the way they handled this matter. =)

But woe betide them if they disappoint me again~

Here’s their announcement on FB, of which I sincerely hope that they keep their word:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every member that has taken the time to leave us their opinion of our March edition. Each month, everyone at WonderBox Malaysia try our very best to bring you the best beauty discovery experience. We strive to improve further and we do apologize for any short coming for the March edition. We hope that you have it in your heart to accept our deepest apology and know that our member’s delightful experience and satisfaction is our top priority.

Recourse & Remedy:
We are fully aware that we can never replace the experience you had with your March WonderBox but we do hope that the following recourse will help remedy the negative experience.

(1)Full Refund:
If you have not used/opened any of the products included in the March WonderBox edition, you can send it back to us. Once received, we will refund your subscription including the return delivery charges directly to your bank account.

(2)Partial Refund:
We will provide a partial refund in WonderPoints to you WonderBox account. If you wish to request for a partial refund, please drop us an email at along with your WonderBox account detail (email).
We will credit 400 WonderPoints for each request.

We hope that you will exercise the proposed remedy with due consideration and respect.

Feedback and Learning:
Thanks to the feedback from our lovely WonderBox members, we have updated our curation and brand engagement guidelines. These are the learning capture so far but do feel free to sharing any new suggestion in the comment box below.
– The minimum product sample size should be 15ml
– The maximum brand sponsorship duration is 2 consecutive months
– The maximum number of product from a brand should not exceed 2 per WonderBox edition


The kiamsiap-ness in me revealed in full throttle~

Besides the actual price that is stated as per subscription (eg. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.), you should take into account the loyalty points you get to further redeem future products.

So far only THREE beauty box companies in Malaysia offer a loyalty/redemption/points program

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.25.18 AM

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.24.25 AM

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.38.03 AM

This table depicts How you can earn points from those 3 beauty box subscriptions:

  MIVVA Wonderbox TheLilacBox
Points to Redeem 1 BOX 380 (RM38/BOX) 800 (RM39.90/BOX) 100(RM49.90/BOX)
Points gained per Subscription 3 months: 190                                 6 months: 570      3 months: 500                                 6 months:1250                                 12 months: 1600 N/A
Points gained per Product Review 10 50 5
Points gained per Blog review 50 100 N/A
Points per friend referred 100 200 N/A
Points from Sharing photos & tagging N/A 50 N/A
Points per video review N/A 150 N/A

Now moving on to the calculations~

Assumptions for Calculation:

1. Won’t count TheLilacBox yet since their points system is not yet in full gear as they have not yet introduced other methods to earn points

2. Calculation will only be based on points from subscription, product reviews and blog posts.

3. Number of products for each box is assumed to be 5

4. Not included are referring friends from all boxes (Don’t tell me you so lihai can refer 1 friend every month bluekkkkk).

5. Also not included are video reviews, photo tagging points which Wonderbox offers. So if you subscribe to Wonderbox you can add these in on your own. I don’t do these so no point to calculate it for myself.

6. Only the 3 and 6 month subscription options are calculated. 12 months is too long a commitment plus the points also NOT significantly higher (yes i’m talking about you wonderbox)

7. This point collection system requires you to be VERY DILLIGENT! EVERY MONTH! Just spend some time every month to ‘work’ a while so that you can get a free box at the end ok?

The ACTUAL calculation

Subscription period MIVVA Wonderbox
3 months 190 subscription points + 3months(5products)(10points per review) + 3months(50points per blog review)=490 points 500 subscription points + 3months(5products)(50points per product) + 3months(100points per blog review)=1550 points
6 months 570 subscription points + 6months(5products)(10points per product) + 6months(50points per blog review)=1170 points 1250 subscription points + 6months(5products)(50points per product) + 6months(100points per blog review)=3350 points

Exhaustive, no?

Interpretation of the above data:

  MIVVA Wonderbox
Points required to redeem 1 box 380 points   (RM38/BOX) 800 points   (RM39.90/BOX)
3 months Subscription COST: RM 114♥            


Points:490 = 1.29 boxes = 1BOX♥♥



= RM28.5 per box

COST: RM119.70♥            


Points:1550= 1.94 boxes = 1 BOX ♥♥  


COST/BOX: RM119.70/4boxes

= RM29.93 per box

6 months Subscription COST: RM228♥            


Points: 1170= 3.08 boxes  = 3 BOXES♥♥  




= RM25.33 per box

COST: RM239.40♥            


Points: 3350= 4.18 boxes  = 4 BOXES ♥♥  




= RM23.94 per box

For Cost/Box, MIVVA is cheaper is you subscribe for 3 months, Wonderbox is cheaper if you subscribe for 6 months.

Of course, if you video review and photo tag for Wonderbox, then Wonderbox how also will win lah! But will you? Even reviewing products and writing blogposts are such a hassle already, for me that is.

Remember har, the cost also includes shipping already wei~

But then again, even though your choice in choosing your beauty box subscription would take into account the $$ involved, another huge factor would be the brands and products that the box carries.

Good luck in choosing your subscription.

Now let me mourn the demise of my pocket money…….