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It’s the first week of April and it’s time to unbox MIVVA again~

Mivva earlier announced on their facebook page that they will be rolling out newly designed boxes starting April. Felt a little sad that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones boohoohooo~~

The glossy paper used this time for the product description was really nice and classy. Announcements this time include their MIVVA Online Store launch at the end of April plus a reminder to submit blog and beautywall reviews by 20th April to be eligible to earn MIVVA points.



This time around, the box has become increasingly pamphlet heavy, plus sachet heavy *goodness me!*


Product Samples include

1. B.liv by Cellnique Off with Those Heads (RM139/30ml, RM179.90/45ml) –> 3ml = RM12


I’m exceptionally delighted to receive this! I’ve been using this sebum gel on & off for the 5th or 6th year dy! *gasp* I’m so old dy? Even back when they were using this ancient packaging.

A googled picture for you to see the ancient one~

This softens those irritating plugs and makes it easier to remove my blackheads. As it is, I’m very prone to blackheads on my nose and chin, tapi i’m so lazy to remove them. So this makes the job easier. What’s good about trying this product is that there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if takde effect within 14 days. So even if things doesn’t work out, just go claim back your money. ^^


2. Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence (RM69.90/30ml) Full Size

Previously got the toner and moisturizer from Beautymate. I should have foreseen a pattern coming. Maybe the next one will be the eye gel or face mask? XD

3. O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III (RM59.90/100ml) –> 30ml = RM18

I never have to worry about running out of toners dy~~~ I already have the eye gel but the dispenser was defective i think >.<…

4. SF Beauty Skin 

I’ve never heard of this company but it seems to be Malaysian? Products are developed in France and manufactured in Taiwan. Their selling point seems to be by phone/online and has a one to one consultation that way. No physical shop/counter but the office is in KL. A section of the pamphlet teaches you the way to use the product whilst on the other page, the sachets are glued on. There are promotions going on in their online shop too.



a) Perfect Glow Sunscreen (RM125/30ML) 1 sachet of ?ml –> RM??

b) Remover Cleansing Gel (RM100/150ml) 1 sachet of ?ml –> RM??

5. SOMANG Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care


Now this Korean Hair Care range really jinn gak loh…

A total of 10 sachets from them, that I don’t know whether I should be depressed because they’re sachets or happy cos they gave a total of 50ml of each product to try?

a) Hair Shampoo (RM49.90/620ml) –> 5x10ml = RM4

b) Hair Pack (RM49.90/500ml, RM79.90 for 1000ml) –> 5x10ml = RM4

6. Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask RM10/pc Full Size

Will be using this after getting a ridiculous tan 2 weeks later! This is a Taiwanese company and their global website also features a walk-through of their manufacturing process. Their website also features BB creams of which reminds me of the SKIN79 packaging O.o

The Malaysian version is where you can shop for their stuff though.


7. Hair chalk

They sent 2 for the Valentine’s box. UPDATE: WONDERBOX sent 2 in their Valentine’s Box. Now there are 6 different colors this time! Very dry looking hair as a result though~

Total RM117.90++ (excluding the SF products)

There was also a handful of Strip stuff including a Voucher (free armpit wax, 50% off other services on same visit), Price List of products and services, and some FAQ regarding waxing and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Walao eh Strip! Open in Penang lah…

Now I got voucher also cannot use wei…




mivva announcement abt strip

My thoughts on this month’s box:

1. Too many sachets

2. Bring on the cosmetics la pls~

3. Voucher that I can’t use since Strip outlets are only in KL *depressed face*

Here comes our newest contender in the beauty box (or in this case, a bag) subscription~~~ Bag of Love!!!!

Mi Mi was generous enough to send me Bag of Love’s Debut Bag for March and boy, was i thrilled~


Delivered via Airpak, unwrapped and unboxed! The delivery guy came just BEFORE my lunch/afternoon nap. Made me so happy that I had such a sweet sweet dream about some dramatic scene~ And that’s saying something since I rarely remember any of my dreams.


Contents revealed in full galore! after removing the bubble wrap! I think i loved the personal note the most with that iconic hand waving gesture (so cute la like flying haha)!!

1. Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser RM148/150ml –> 50ml = RM49.33

Another Murad! Now the official headcount I have from Murad so far is Cleanser, Moisturizer, Pore Refining Gel, Serum, Sunscreen, Primer, Mask! Wow sounds like i’m going steady with Murad dy hahaha! Ok lah, at least no repeat of the same products, except for the Pomegranate Mask ^^ Actually the brand’s not bad lah…

This Cleanser cum Toner is the self foaming type! I’m feel so jakun for saying I’ve never tried these types of cleansers before. Anyway, it’s slightly drying for me, but slap on some moisturizer and all’s good i guess.

2. Revlon Professional Colour Sublime Treatment RM88/200ml –> 75ml = RM33

This treatment has this mature , calming scent. The texture is lighter so I had to use more compared to my Dove Hair conditioner, Schwarzkoph Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Treatment, and Shiseido Fuente Vita Voltage Treatment. Quite easy to wash off and doesn’t leave that much of a slimy residue on your shoulders after the wash. Max number of uses for me should be about 5? Good for travelling this April!

3. Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20/PA++ RM140/10.5g (case sold seperately) 0.6g–> RM8

This Powder Foundation in #Y002 actually matches my skin tone when I swatched it on my jaw just now. But then hor, me having dry skin will forever hate powder foundation, so there!

4. Definite Face Blending Brush RM98

Having a full sized BRUSH!! Hurrah! It’s time to learn using brushes, girl.

5. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir EDT RM248/50ml –> 1ml = RM5.56

The black dress illustration and pinkness around is so cute! Actually, I wouldn’t think of buy this if I had just smelt it off the bottle. But after body contact, unexpectedly quite nice wei~ fruity and floral and sweet. More suitable for cool evenings and dinners with that jazzy atmosphere~ Come on let me dream lah~

All the products amounting to a total of RM193.90~


Not to be forgotten are the vouchers:

1. Complimentary pass to The Host

2. Murad RM30 online shopping voucher (yes, again. though it’s good for girls that are receiving their first Murad products) Code is: BB13. Stands for Beautybox2013 i presume? haha just use lah!


Here’s my sleepy face after waking up from my nice dream. Wah~ How come I look so unusually fair wan hehehehehehehe~

Time to go to the hospital for class again boohoohoo~ I don’t wanna wake up~


The only unhappy thing I experienced was the ?rusty or ?unevenly painted heart shaped zip handle. T.T Yeah, that is NOT the normal light reflecting back at me! My hopes for a classy classy beauty pouch was dashed for a second there. And a light of brilliance struck me!

I decided to DIY after class by using nail polish to coat it! I’m NOT the artsy type of girls which can distinguish different shades of color like Cerulean and Teal loh! not to mention my drawing skills (smily face and stick man also got problem)…

I actually tried NYX Dark Cherry first but it looks terribly wrong against this bag’s pink. So, I removed it all off and painted on OPI’s Kiss Me on My Tulips from the Holland Collection, then glam it up a bit with OPI’s Pirouette My Whistle from the New York City Ballet Soft Shades Collection. Then protected the whole thing with the Seche Vite topcoat haha! I think i’m a bit too over lah hahaha!


First coat of Kiss me on My Tulips, with the rest of the bag protected.


Here’s my ❤ looking much much better!

Of course, I couldn’t tahan the boredom and painted my toenails as well with China Glaze polishes XD


The Blue is Fancy Pants while the Purple is Creative Fantasy.
IMG_4148Yes, I’m a messy novice in nail polish application so bite me!

The photo doesn’t show much justice to the purple one though >.<

Anyways, a big Thank YOU!! to Mi Mi~ and great job on this Debut Bag!

Great variety in the types of products!

I’m anticipating the April one already!