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In my current favourite colour! Had to top up an extra RM100 on top of the RM2199 for the cover though >.<

A moment of silence, dedicated to my long lost iPhone 4S.

I’m sorry Apple, if only the iPhone 6 was out already. I wouldn’t have cheated on you otherwise šŸ˜›


Olay Regenerist - Challenge Accepted!

This micro-sculpting cream retails at RM99.90 and I was prepared to pay the full price just now.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when the Tesco (Alor Setar) bill listed it as RM75.90.

Here’s a quite exhaustive breakdown of these beauty sample subscriptions (valid as of 15th May 2013).

The companies offering points-based rewards are at the bottom so you don’t get too overwhelmed over the analysis

Scroll to the END for a conclusion of the Best Malaysian Beauty Box/Bag Subscriptions

1) Modbox


Initially launched at RM23 + RM5 courier fee.

Hence at a total cost of RM28/month.

The April 2013 box onwards was discontinued, money refunded to their customers and they are planning a relaunch in Summer 2013.

My thoughts: as the cheapest box out there, no doubt they had to think about stripping down everything and come up with a more profitable venture. Perhaps it will be revamped with a new pricing structure, points system, member review system. ^^ Although I have to say I have not subscribed to it previously because I was not exceptionally impressed with the website, facebook interaction and past product lineup. We’ll see what they have in store for the future.

2) Box Culture / Cosmobox

Box Culture Pricing

Priced at RM30.5-33/month depending on duration of subscription.

My thoughts: Nice website and FB page. Not so attractive product lineup when I was thinking about resubscribing (End of 2012). With that being said, the recent boxes seemed quite promising and enticing. The box is the sturdiest and classiest and prettiest all at the same time by the way!

3) BBFBox

Box culture

This concept is interesting where there different types of subscription available For Girls (RM40), For Men (RM40), and For Couple (RM70). The couple box is essentially shipping BOTH the For Girls and For Men box at the same time.

15% discount on months with festivities (eg. CNY, Aidilfitri etc.)

My thoughts: Okay website. Less than stellar FB page. Products do not attract my gaze so far.

4) Bag of Love

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.27.12 AM


My thoughts: Unique in that the BAG that contains all the goodies change every month, so you never know what to expect each time. Mimi, the founder, decided to enter into this beauty sample subscription market the its most saturated point, and has been faring well thus far. In fact I would subscribe once I’m done with my current other subscriptions since I like what I’ve seen so far.

5) Vanity trove

Here the rebates given are straightforward enough. Products lineup are quite what I like. Premium stuff.

At a higher price tag of RM50, maybe I’ll start subscribing when I’m receiving my own paycheck.


6) The Lilac Box

They market themselves to be offering premium brands only and gets you excited about going on a blind date. Boxes are offered on a as-when-compiled basis so they have enough time to gather what they deem to be worthy in their boxes.

To be frank, the Box 1 and 2 were good. But the 3rd was great! (Try googling it!)

Cost: RM35 for their debut box. RM49.90 for Box 2 and onwards.

Every individual product review earns youĀ 5 Lilac Points. Each box contains about 5 items. And each standard box can beĀ REDEEMEDĀ atĀ 100 points.Ā 

= Review all items in 4 boxes get 1 free box.


Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.25.18 AM

Each product review earns you 10 points, each blog post earns you 50 points. Each box requires 380 points to redeem.

To earn 1 free box, a 3 month subscription (with reviews and blog posts) will suffice.

So, RM114/4 = RM28.5 per month –> Most affordable thus far.

8) Wonderbox


Initially released at RM39.90/box. Currently at RM45/box.

They have just revamped their pricing and points structure on 15th May 2013. That means this postĀ  is no longer valid.

Product surveys earn you 25-50points. Blog posts earn you 100 points, YouTube posts earn you 150 points.

And the showdown begins~~~

Choosing the best beauty sample subscription for you:

1. Most affordable (with blog posts and product reviews) –> MIVVA

2. Most affordable (without additional stuff to do) –> Box Culture (For East Malaysians it’s a tie with MIVVA)

3. Different cover/bag every month –> Bag of Love (great products, so far)

4. Luxury brands –> The Lilac Box, Vanity Trove

Mixed reviews –> Wonderbox

All These different companies have their own ups and downs like the bear and bull stock market.

So scrutinize over a longer period, shall we?

If anybody else can provide a new benchmark for me to grade them, I will gladly oblige.