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I have mixed thoughts for this May box. There is a huge number of products in it, but I can’t say it made me go: WOW IT’S SO AMAZING! with good reason of course.

2013-05-27 20.17.47

I am absolutely enthralled by the Neutrogena Hydroboost Mask and Night concentrate.

But absolutely disliked the Bioessence ATP essence –> The main reason I felt let down.

The Ginvera and Le Scenteur products were just so-so for me.

It’s not that I’m a brand snob, I’ll elaborate further.

Here’s an overview of EVERYTHING inside the box:

2013-05-27 20.23.03

1. BioEssence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP

I was initially happy with this, since I’ve just stepped into the idea of getting anti-aging products early. Although I was doubtful of its ATP claims, since we all know ATP is produced in our mitochondria, and its function in anti-aging- i’m like errrr… k lohhh

This box contains a blue box, which contains the actual Essence bottle.

2013-05-27 20.25.35 2013-05-27 20.31.07

Can you now see why I’m unhappy with it? There was a leak of the product, contaminating the whole bottle (in AND outside the cap), the product leaflet within the box, and even the interior of the blue box *sighs*

That also never mind, when I handled all this, the product was of a greasy nature (almost like an oil) and even after wiping with tissue, there was this greasy residue on my palms right after that. Granted, that after 1 hours of application on the back of my hand on a separate application, I didn’t see the same greasy residue then.

2013-05-27 20.43.58

2013-05-27 20.46.23

I was very pekchek with it, so then I wanted to explore the reason behind the leak and fiddled away, and it became decapitated. >.<

The leak was still present even when I attached it back.

Pekchek + Pekchek –> lead to unsurmountable frustration –> dump in the dustbin straightaway

2013-05-27 20.24.13

2. Neutrogena Hydroboost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack

3. Neutrogena Hydroboost Mask

These Hyrdoboost products are what  I LOVED MOST FROM THIS BOX. They work really really well, and are affordable. If not for them, I would have pronounced the whole May box utter rubbish and worthless. It’s THAT good.

The night concentrate is slightly cheaper in Taiwan at less than NTD400 but i didn’t get another from my Taiwan trip since I already have so many stuff!

5. Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel and Ginvera trial set

2013-05-27 20.27.25

2013-05-27 20.27.34

I was not particularly pleased with so many Ginvera company products again. Dah-lah the BioEssence was a big failure, and I already have the marvel gel from my own previous purchase. Here’s a trial marvel gel tube, and the trial set which has another marvel gel and sunblock.

6. Le Scenteur Lotion, EDT

Didn’t like the scent in the past, and still don’t like it now. I prefer more uplifting florals/citrus/aqua scents. A personal choice so maybe can’t blame them.

The lotion’s texture is quite nice though, slightly runny and hence easier to apply/smoothen. I didn’t test how good it would be in the long run though in terms of moisturizing.

2013-05-27 20.26.36

Here’s a RM50 voucher for a hair studio that I can’t visit anyway since I’m not in Selangor/PJ.

2013-05-27 20.20.50