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Finally have my hands on the July Box!

I think the Pak Cik from GDEX who delivered my parcel today was uber sporting since he doubled back to deliver my parcel after berbuka puasa, when I didn’t hear the doorbell/phone as I was bathing during the 1st delivery =P

Since I wasn’t particularly interested in them anyway, genius strikes~ In return for being as nice as he was, I regifted the Nuteen Cleanser and Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Circles Roll Away and asked him to give his children/wife haha! Although maybe it could have been more suitable for his cucu >_<

So here are the contents (minus the Nuteen cleanser and Ginvera eye roller)

2013-07-31 21.15.06

1. Ma cherie Shampoo and conditioner sachets

I first saw this brand when I was in Taiwan for my elective and it looked terribly enticing, nice scent and all, being another Shiseido company. Then I came back and noticed the quite huge advertising for Ma Cherie as well as other brands I was taken to at the time, like Clio and Freshel. Anyway, I’ll be bringing this up to Cameron or wherever my next short trip is. ^^ Huge faith in this brand!

2013-07-31 21.16.20

2. B.liv Feel No Sluggish Stem Cell Revival (Original Japan Silk Mask)

I loved the B. live Off With Those Heads. I have a feeling I will like this too.

The product description says that it is cell rejuvenating+nourishing+anti oxidation which seems pretty good for me, since I feel old and haggard looking recently.

2013-07-31 21.18.30

3. Bloop Lip Liner Pencil

2013-07-31 21.19.02

2013-07-31 21.21.14

Described to be highly saturated in color which does not fade easily throughout the day, smudge proof and water resistant. Here’s a swatch:

The one on the left is one casual swipe, and the right is about 3-4 swipes trying to get the color in. Not too impressed.

2013-07-31 21.23.53

I haven’t been very fond of using lip liners since I don’t really use strong lipstick colors (or lipstick by itself). ┬áSo, I will have to be opportunistic or maybe when I’m too bored after finishing final exams

4. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner

Again?? Sigh… Possibly another regifting in the future…. *Disregarding the fact that MIVVA had this in their July box*

Wonderbox repeated this product even though they already had this in their June box lei…. Luckily I asked them not to send my June box if not I will have THREE exact same toners wei….

2013-07-21 18.21.36

5. Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Circles Eye Roller

Registed to the GDEX delivery pakcik. I have previously bought this like about 3 years ago. Didn’t notice any differences before and after, but then again I don’t have the objective evidence to prove it in the form of pictures.

6. Nu Teen Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser

Regifted to Pakcik since I have dry skin! NOT interested!

7. Nu Teen Sample Sachets

I’m not a teen anymore so I’m not interested in these. I guess I’ll be giving them to my teenage baby sis.

2013-07-31 21.17.53

2x Blackheads away Gel

2x Acne Away Gel

1x Acne and Pimples Away Sleeping Mask


my overall thoughts for this box: only liked the b.liv mask and Ma Cherie.


Still undecided about Bloop’s lipliner…

I guess this month’s box is geared more towards teenagers, what with Nuteen and Ginvera >.<



Gurney Paragon I love you!

But only for bringing in outlets like Strip (and Sephora, and H&M), and less so of the cramped design.


Anyway, exclusively for Penang ppl here!!!

The OPENING PROMO!!! valid until 30 September 2013 (as seen on their FB page)

But hor dunno why when I enquired on the spot, they said that it’s until August only, maybe a marketting gimmick on the follow up?

Here are the promo prices vs the normal prices, nyehehehehe…. You betcha I’m gonna book a session in the coming weeks!

Underarm Hard Wax at RM8 (RM32.50)
Half Leg Bottom Wax at RM18 (RM48)
Brazilian Hard Wax at RM38 (RM114.50)

Air tickets

MAS PEN-KUL-PHUKET 13th April 2013

AA PHUKET-BKK 16th April 2013

AA BKK-PEN 20th April 2013

RM311+RM429 = RM740


Ibis Phuket Patong 13-16 April (3 nights)
Standard Twin Room MYR 987.90

Hope Land Executive 16-20 April (4 nights)
Standard Twin MYR 1,380.95

Total Charges for 4: MYR 2368.85
Cost per head: MYR592.5


Total expenses for Flights and Hotel: RM740+RM592 = RM1332

Clubbing in Bangkok is so cheap compared to Malaysia! with lots of lengzai lenglui too…

We only got to go to the Route 66 at the RCA area which has a really good mix of local Thais and foreigners enjoying the night away. Entrance was at THB300 if I remember correctly, and they give you vouchers to redeem your drinks against. Nobody is stopping you from buying the more expensive liquors outright though since its cheap!

Otherwise, I’d prefer shopping for clothes in Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall, and for shoes I’d still stick to Taiwan. My only regret was that I didn’t get to visit Terminal 21 aishhh….. Must go back Bangkok to shop!!!!!