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Finally got my hands on both of them on the same day when the Gdex guy came!

Let’s start with Wonderbox first~

So, I opened it as usual, and the first sight that greeted me was a NuTeen and Dermedex Pamphlet. Shit, straight away emo man… Nevermind, maybe got other nice products inside kut…

The whole box’s contents revealed:

2013-08-28 12.15.24

1. Dermedex Challenge Pack – Cleanser and Cream –> Also in MIVVA’s August box :S

2. Nuteen sachets of Blackheads Away Gel and Acne Away Gel –> Also in Wonderbox’s June box, I wonder why it wasn’t listed in the product description this time, maybe they hav too much and continue giving them this month?

So, I won’t comment on these ‘cos sien with them dy… since they have already previously made an appearance… Both were re-gifted to my friend who has acne complaints, so ok also la…

2013-08-28 12.17.36

3. Ginvera Real Spa Shower Scrub – Green Tea

And I must say I just marked it as A grade when I tested it out on my dry forearm and washed it off. Feels clean, brighter and smells like over-sweetened Green Tea.

2013-08-28 12.18.08

4. Skinz Perfect White BB Cream SPF30 PA++

It’s in tube form with a pump! I haven’t seen this combo of packaging on other products so its pretty unique.

I was worried that it might be too light colored for my skin though since I’m actually pretty tanned.

2013-08-28 12.21.01

I also wanted to compare the actual product with the illustrated color so I dabbed some on to see what happens.

Actual product seems slightly darker/grey…

2013-08-28 12.26.07

See my super tanned skin on my forearm. But then again, my skin is many more tones darker than my face since I just focus on my face with sunblock/spf containing products but never put on any UV products on my body.

2013-08-28 12.23.55

Rubbed and blended in, the area appears slightly brighter/lighter than its surroundings. I must try on my face soon and see if it’s a good match for my tone and dry skin.

2013-08-28 12.25.49

5. Bloop Nail Polish

Seriously dries up very fast. If only it was in another brighter shade of green or any bright shade really.

2013-08-28 12.19.48

I loved the Skinz BB cream, the Ginvera body scrub and even the thought of considering a Nail Polish in the box (even though it wasn’t really my color).

Liked the Dermedex since it can still be regifted and the review has been positive so far.

Hate NuTeen hate NuTeen. I’m not teenager, and I don’t have oily/acne prone skin either. I’m already super dry after using my other cleanser meant for dry skin what more to say this…

There has been some improvement from Wonderbox compared to the previous months though still a long way from all the hype that they created when they first launched.

Always room for more improvement, okay?


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Minquan Rd 民权路 actually has all the essentials of living that you will need.

1. J-Mart – a 4-storey building to stock up snacks and household stuff, also has skincare, cosmetics etc. So you can find whatever you lack in your hostel here. *Carrefour is too far IMHO since you will need to catch a bus/taxi and lug around so many stuff*

2. Telcos – walk down and you will see THREE telco outlets here. Taiwan Mobile has the best prepaid rates if you only utilise minimal data usage (NTD300/month inclusive of NTD100 talk time and 1G data). I got this since hostel has wifi (not v fast also la), and I only use the data plan during the weekend outings or at the hospital. I finished my NTD100 talk time within 1 week after just a few calls to my mates. From then on I was very very careful and made full use of LINE/whatsapp msgs and voice calls. There is also a NTD600 plan but I forgot what it covers. For prepaid unlimited monthly data plans, Taiwan Mobile and FarEas Tone monthly rates are comparable to each other at about NTD900. We arrived at the airport quite late plus the rates we saw there were crazily expensive so we wouldn’t buy them anyway even if they were open. And even if they are open, Taiwan Mobile airport outlet always has super long lines.

3. Pharmacy/Drugstore – Watsons and Cosmed available right here, no need to travel to city center to shop for drugstore skincare/haircare/cosmetics.

4. Food – Hospital vegetarian food at basement level with mine usually NTD70-ish (compared to my usual RM4.5-5 economy rice in Alor Setar), Taiwanese breakfast joints, ‘kopitiam’ & 7-11 microwaved food at NTD70-ish, Beef noodles at NTD110 upwards, breads/buns NTD30-ish, jap style fast food at NTD200-ish, western food at NTD350-ish. McD and Subway if you walk on further, while nightmarket food are a few MRT stops away.

5. Drinks – never sold at eateries unless they are restaurants. Easily available at 7-11 and family marts. Must try fresh fruit drinks namely the papaya milk and mango drinks (up to NTD100)! The mango juice/slushee is amazing because their 愛文芒果 is the most amazing juiciest sweetest heavenly mango ever I have tasted in my whole life! Must try the actual fruit too.

Too bad it’s only available in summer. Milk teas and the like from NTD35-45. 50嵐 (pronounced 50 Lan) is very famous and the nearest to our hostel. For my 6 weeks of stay there, i have tried and loved Coco, 清玉,ComeBuy, and even had a few sips of the sibeh expensive NTD180-ish milk tea from 春水堂. Wasn’t keen on trying ChaTime since it’s everywhere, here in Malaysia.

Taiwan’s Summer 2013 most popular Tea Drinks

6. DaPingLin MRT Station – The first stop and gateway to your excursions around and out of Taipei. Takes almost 40mins to reach Taipei Main Station.

Of course, you can walk much further and explore the adjacent roads, but these were sufficient enough for me to survive happily already.

Not sure of the road names but there were at least 3 other hospitals, schools, condos, more eateries, more shoplots if you walk and walk and walk………..

*dies from walking exhaustion*

Disclaimer: the above pics were Googled, sorry for any copy right issues if there are any!

Ladiessss~ and Gentlemen maybe~

As we all know, I can be quite kiamsiap and am on the look out for various offers or freebies from time to time especially when I’m tired of studying (which is quite a lot of the time) and I have no idea from where, that I noticed that someone posted about Benefit offering free brow waxing for birthday babes (or dudes).

2013-07-25 22.10.47

So I was naturally excited, but then I didn’t really act on it and book an appointment with our local Benefit outlet. Actually it was more like I was having a stroll by the the cosmetics section at Gurney Plaza’s Parkson when I was hunting for the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush and Benefit’s pink counter caught my eye, so I casually asked whether it was true that this promo also existed in Malaysia. The assertive Jennifer promptly got me to book an appointment and history was engraved! I was on my way to have my very first brow waxing experience! Free some more!

2013-07-26 15.56.05

So when I arrived for my appointment, Jennifer took the time to explain the benefits of waxing over shaving (obviously the time difference in regrowth) and how because it also gets rid of the tiny tiny facial hairs, helps to brighten and accentuate our brows. There is also a place to sign to acknowledge that we have been briefed about definite NO-NOs prior to brow waxing (like using Retinol, Accutane, antibiotics)

2013-07-27 18.33.12

Here’s the current price list for your (and my future) reference.

2013-07-26 15.55.05

Then, she proceeded to draw/shadow my brows to give me an idea of what the end result will be, so I’m sure if anyone doesn’t like theirs, is free to make suggestions and modifications. I personally requested a less arched and less pointy/sharp eyebrows because I already have a square face and going all pointy like that will surely make me Cruela de Vil or some evil witch. She also trimmed it because they are quite long. Sigh, why are my brows so unevenly distributed……

Here’s Jennifer getting ready, some more waited and posed for me to capture properly haha

2013-07-27 15.28.39

The warmed up wax- looks like honey to me!

2013-07-27 16.16.09

Then, on to cleaning the area and oiling the area. Actually I’ve quite forgotten what the 2 applications were for haha!

Now on to being up close and personal with the waxing.

For the severity of pain, I’d say it’s almost like removing the cellophane tape from your skin, times 5. So it was still tolerable for me.

Lots and lots of my used stuff here…

2013-07-27 16.16.15

Overall, i succumbed to these babies:

2013-07-27 18.08.41

These small packets are samples we get after every waxing session I suppose.

2013-07-27 18.20.00

Spending a total of RM230 since the brow waxing was for free. I couldn’t tahan, she was pretty convincing and trying out her perfect mix of these 2 primers looked pretty good to me since I don’t use primers and the Murad sample primer in one of the beauty boxes just oxidized on me. I usually use only BB cream or only sunblock or both. Somehow I haven’t been able to replicate her perfect mix of these 2 primers *sighs*

2013-07-27 18.15.57

The Pore Professional and That Gal Brightening Primer

2013-07-27 18.26.04

2013-07-27 18.15.39

Meanwhile, the bf’s sis-in-law who came along with us also tried out their upper lip waxing and got ChaCha GoGo instead:

2013-07-27 18.46.01

Now for the finale, does it really make a difference, getting my brows waxed at Benefit??

BEFORE: My untamed, sparse, uneven brows with BBrown corrector/concealer and Freshel BB Cream applied at home

2013-07-27 15.18.03

AFTER: drawn eyebrows + brow waxing + that gal/pore professional primer add on + that gal mascara + lipgloss

2013-07-27 16.14.32

Hmm… my face mmg asymmetrical lah… but the brows also look a tad bit asymmetrically arched, after this session. Which I only noticed when I got back home. But still they do look much better after being drawn.

Oh well, free brows ma…. My naturally patchy eyebrows means uneven-ness if i don’t draw it anyway…


If you’re very very very prone to redness after facials, then you will absolutely be quite red after this waxing like me. anyway, they will conceal you up so that it’s barely there after the session. Mine are still pink after the concealment aiksss….