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Disclaimer: Having difficulty keying in Traditional Chinese Characters with this computer, will try changing to a different computer for the next post though =o=

We boarded an Air Asia plane from LCCT and reached Taoyuan Airport at about 1030pm. For the northern regions, actually there are direct flights from Penang to Taoyuan by AirAsia and Eva Air. Eva Air may be even cheaper than AA sometimes so should check it out.

We got our microSIM cards at the telco outlets near our hostel/hospital instead of the airport.

Most tourists get their SIM/microSIM/NanoSIM at the airport but since we arrived really late the counters were all closed, and even if they WERE open, there are usually HUGE lines waiting to purchase them especially Taiwan Mobile (台湾大哥大). This was actually good for us, and will be elaborated upon later.

We are 2 guys and 1 girl and since it was so late, we chose to take the taxi to our hostel and asked him to drop us 台北慈济医院宿舍 with the address 新店区民权路127巷2号. It is actually quite hidden from the road, but if you see a 7-11 or construction work or MRT exit located beside a small lane, just turn in that small lane and you will find a tall, gloomy, grey building that is gated on your right. Other landmarks opposite the small lane will be 75° C, KoChaBi Restaurant.

Other modes of transport for us would be – more troublesome/time constraints. If you’re interested and have less people and luggage with you, you can board a bus to Xindian then take a taxi or MRT (alight at 大坪林 DaPingLin Station) to reach the hostel. They are currently building another new MRT station just outside the hostel so that’s great for future students!

So, we went in through the open gates and upon entering the grey hostel building, there was a counter with a security guard on our right.

This security guard will handle all hostel matters – check you in, give you your keys, bedsheet/pillow case/blanket, and get your signatures for all these stuff. These security uncles are on shift duty and will be there 24 hours so it doesn’t really matter when you arrive. If you can’t find them, I was told that they would be opposite doing their inspection rounds in the hostel compound or opposite the hostel.

All hostel rooms are air conditioned double rooms with single beds, equipped with a small table with overlooking shelf, and a wardrobe for each person. The shared areas include the washing machine/dryer/balcony area, kitchen, sitting room with TV (but no satalite programs). For usage of the washing machine/dryer in your hostel unit is not allowed after 11pm (i think?) and if you really need to you can go to the ground floor/Level 2 (the security guard level) to do your washing.

Rooms are clean, but me being a cleanliness-obsessed freak swept and mopped the room anyway before putting the bedsheets and what not on, then started unpacking my stuff. By the time I fell asleep, it was already 3am.