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it was last wednesday

only the first session/group was having microbiology lab so that the lecturers can make sure we do our gram staining well

it’s been gram staining, n culture, gram staining , n culture every week since the term started

though with different microbes (that i don’t know?)

and for those who aren’ enlightened yet, gram staining refers to a technique to stain bacteria n thus classify them according to what colour/shape it is when we view them under the microscope. whereas culture basically means growing lots n lots of bacteria

a blood agar culture

a blood agar culture

we are supposed to do something like this. albeit not using a blood one, but a normal nutrient medium which is somewhat yellowishly transparent.

anyways, as i was saying, it was gram staining day again. and it was the PERFECT PERFECT MOSt PERFECT gram stain i’ve ever done!!

whoopie! when i skimmed through the field i got quite a substantial amount of the microbes! i’m so proud of myself!

even though some talented ppl got pretty gram stains in their first session, where as i only got a nice one now!

the only thing that i’m sad about is, i forgot to bring my cameraphone that day to leave a momento!

my FIRST EVER PERFECT gram staining! 😥

and i didn’t get a chance to take a pic of my perfect precious….

you can google image ‘gram stain’ if you still have no clue of it