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50 days into 2013:

Have yet to fulfill my resolution to be more consistent and disciplined in my work. And as of now, still in CNY mood~

Got my heart broken quite a number of times.

So far wounds have healed past the stages of hyperemia, granulation tissue formation…..

Hoping that the road further down together will be brighter together…

Starting to be more aware of financial info. Shall dwell more on that after finals i think… For now, pass and graduate!

Appreciating my family and friends more and more~ Trying to keep in contact ^^

Spent slightly more than i should have. Oh well i’ll save up for the next 2 months! Will continue splurging in Bangkok in April =P










me is introvert. me is like hermit crab.

what the heck, me IS hermit crab.

me no problem go up stage and talk crap.

but me got problem talking in the typical daily life.

like within your social circle

among friends

cos me not talkative, not funny, not smart, no exciting life

so me look like not friendly, snobbish, n don’t care abt anything in the world.

me very sad n disappointed in me

me wonders what happened to kid time resolution to be bold, brave, talkative

basically being an extrovert

but me really introvert, cannot change.

but really, me yearns n cherish ppl around me

me may not speak much, but me enjoy being with YOU.

me thinks me pushing myself more n more deeper inside the cave.