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yes, as the title depicts, it’s the time for sharing this incident which really got onto my nerves and made me vvv unsatisfied and angry just now. sorry you’ll just have to bear with the unpleasantness of reading my unpleasant experience XD

so, this particular outlet received raving reviews from a friend of mine. it’s not often u can bump into a pizza outlet which is yet another Pizza Hut or Domino’s in Penang, or rather Malaysia, and the fact that it was highly praised by a friend definitely piqued my curiosity for quite some time before my first visit there today.

so ape yang kawan i cakap?? the typical penangites saying of ‘cheap and worth your money’. basically got a lot of ‘liao’ like meat, cheese etc. He was however raving about the tuesday promotion where it’s really really cheap lah. so since there is no way i am ever going to be in penang on a tuesday due to classes, i decided to get some of it today.

here’s bits and pieces of the visit there that i can remember:

BF and I reach the outlet at approximately 4pm, walk in, greeted with no aircon in the outlet (low season save electiricty??) . chinese pizza girl comes out from behind the answer and bluntly asks in the first sentence ‘takeaway or dine in?’ with an expressionless face. still okay with that, we wanted to takeaway and eat it in the car later anyways. it being our first time there, we took some time with the menu (the one covered with leather that shows all the normal priced pizza kind) and ended up ordering a large with a price of rm32.95. no voluntary recommendation and helpful suggestions or even  A SMILE/HELLO  from the pizza girl. K, Takpe. Outlet was hot, so i went out to just chill instead of suffering from the heat in the shop.

then later, kaypoh went in and hung around the counter where we could see the pizza girl placing some toppings for what i presume a regular pizza and hence another person’s order. and i couldn’t help but notice that the toppings were quite generous and my heart jumped with joy imagining what my pizza will come out to be!

and then later, finally noticed that there were some pamphlets on display on the side of the counter that we did not notice previously. the pamphlets were something like pizza hut’s buy 3 for rm50, or buy 1 large pizza (limited flavous only) free chicken wings etc kind of promotions. and we were suddenly like ‘eh, why that girl did promote more for the outlet’s promotions’. so we posed her that exact question and our conversation (or rather it was the BF) was something like this, OR rather she straight away retorted with a:

‘EVERYBODY that comes here surely will ask one mah’

‘okay, right, so I did not ask whether there is any ongoing promotions. that way, when you say EVERYBODY, the statement is wrong already’

pizza girl reiterates the same point again and again upon further confrontation. aaah, such a bore.


BF tried to explain our view in that if we had known about this certain promotion- we would have bought it.

make sense what, either the 1 large pizza free chicken wings for rm32.95 or the get 3 regular pizzas for rm50 also more value for money than what we ordered lah (1 pizza for rm32.95). it wasn’t that we were not absolutely INSISTING that we must get the promotion. it was more of the the way she was handling customers (aka us). in addition, the tone of her voice remained quite non-apologetic to me throughout this heated exchange.

so she did offer us to top up rm3 to get the chicken wings >.<

anyway, when we tried to address that it was her attitude that we were not happy with, all she could say was something like this.

‘SORRY, then do you still want this pizza. it is very simple, either you want or don’t want the pizza only.’

i even heard something along the lines like this ‘if you don’t want this pizza, we also have the costs to cover. i am only a part-timer and my wages for today will be gone to pay for your pizza.’ after we said that we no longer wanted the order.

>.< okay so now i’m getting the impression that your wages are SOOOO important. which i totally understand, but it’s a point you should NEVER EVER EVER tell the customer loh okay…

my only thought in mind at that time was ‘walao this girl so lansi lor’. pekchek niar okay…

we went off in a huff. but the BF dunno why went back in and continue this wuliao argument. double >.<

i only went in after he tak balik balik lagi and it was the same ol’ argument. when the BF asked to see the manager, the said person was not there and there were only 2 malay/indians (delivery boys i presume?). a very memorable sentence by one of them ‘you can go to pizza hut or domino’s to eat’. along with the above already iterated points by the chinese pizza girl.

so pekchek or not?

maybe it’s just a bad day for us.

maybe the pizza girl pms/kena dump/bad mood cos no money for cny kah or what.

cannot taste the pizza also so cannot comment on that, maybe it’s really good gua?


Please solve these problems.

1. Staff employment and training-BASIC manners. i don’t believe they cannot say a simple hello and smile to the customer loh. Drill it in their minds that for every customer that comes, to recommend any available promotions to be their first instinct.

2. Job allocation for staff- Let the counter people stay at the counter, and the oven ppl stay at the ovens! some people are meant to stay hidden, some people are meant to shine by people interaction. plus, it’s more hygienic that way ‘cos i don’t believe they will wash their hands everytime BEFORE AND AFTER their work at the oven.

3. More Full time workers instead of part-timers. you get to know them better, customers get to know them better, this equals better service. hurray for everybody! sounds so impossible man.

US PIZZA Greenlane, amidst those high expectations, it was a dissapointing first visit. Don’t think i’ll be dropping by anytime soon after this incident >.<


This being my second visit to the said restaurant, i had hoped that it would salvage itself from the not-so-good impression that i have from my previous visit.

This is the flyer which tempted me to go there again. Note the RM8.90 nett… I did not notice the fine print saying that it is RM8.90 ONWARDS. :S

My fish set rice 咖喱鱼柳饭(RM10.90). It’s small. Will only be enough to eat for a lady like me. NO-no for big guys (and some girls) who may have a huge apetite.

Basically there’s is one fistful (MY fist at least) of rice with curry which tasted SO-SO and 2 pcs of fish fillet which made me go OMG cos there’s like this small small tail at the end of the fish fillet there. See if u can spot them! the fist was just like erm… normal fried fish fillet loh??

Made me imagine them chopping off the tiny fishies’ tails then attach it to the fillet by dunno wat method loh… :S

Then for the sides, the ring-shaped fried thingy which i have no idea is what, COLD garlic-ed veggie, the yellow preserved sweet-sour thingy that gets ur apetite groovin’, and something else that i forgot haha!

If you don’t see these in the picture? that’s coz i’ve already eaten it!

Now for the bowl of soup that comes with the rice. STupid soup is only filled MSG, salt, garlic and onion leaves (if u get what i mean?), which may or may have been brewed for a while or it’s just chicken stock??

Another dish, Pork rice set  排骨酥饭(RM9.90) also found on the brochure was ordered. No pics for that though, the taste was just erm… normal also loh, nothing very fabulous about it.

This is my half eaten 鲜果爱玉冰 (RM6.50). Blended ice at the base of the bowl, with balls of real fruit surrounding the circumference, in the middle, pieces of konyaku jellies, mango pieces, and topped with some syrup (which i don’t know of course).

I don’t know why, but everything melted and mixed together, the flavour reminds me of the yellow-coloured kickapoo soft drink! not bad lah this one…

Total meal cost:RM27.30 for two.

Well, i’m not going to be there anytime soon. And don’t even remind me about my first meal there…

Ming Xin cafe is situated right at the traffic lights when you go up the hill heading to my house

so, since it was so convenient,

on christmas eve, i had lunch with my mum and youngest sis at this new place (to me at least)

i ordered beef noodles

while they had chap fan (mixed rice)

here’s my food

and here’s the receipt

What do i think??

(Out of 5 Stars)

Staff —> 4.5 Stars

very friendly, with all smiles, service is good


1. Drinks —>2.5 stars

just the normal drinks lor~~~

2. Chap Fan —>3 stars

Quite nice

Not exceptionally exageratingly excellent though. Just normal chap fan that is quite okay

3. Beef noodles —>2 stars


Too salty, too much MSG, cannot taste the real ‘essence’ of beef noodles.

Plus, the noodles they used was the big, round, yellow commercial type.

The only good part was that there was 1 edible (soft enough) tendon, while the other wasn’t soft enough. But i honestly dunno how to appreciate EATING tendons so i passed ’em to my mum instead. According to her, it’s supposed to be like quite expensive or something?? oh well…

The meat isn’t tender enough for me and it was sliced into super thin pieces like charsiew liddat, oh and there was pieces of stomach as well.. Not much comment on that though

Anyway, the worst beef noodles i have ever tasted so far……

Conclusion: Order whatever you need to order on normal occasions, but DON’T GET BEEF NOODLES!!


note: (you may have or may not have realized this) the rcpt only charged chap fan for 1 person when both mum n sis ordered chap fan. i only realized this when i got to the car… hehe…

well, makes up for my very the busuang unhappiness/disappointment over the beef noodles…