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Here comes our newest contender in the beauty box (or in this case, a bag) subscription~~~ Bag of Love!!!!

Mi Mi was generous enough to send me Bag of Love’s Debut Bag for March and boy, was i thrilled~


Delivered via Airpak, unwrapped and unboxed! The delivery guy came just BEFORE my lunch/afternoon nap. Made me so happy that I had such a sweet sweet dream about some dramatic scene~ And that’s saying something since I rarely remember any of my dreams.


Contents revealed in full galore! after removing the bubble wrap! I think i loved the personal note the most with that iconic hand waving gesture (so cute la like flying haha)!!

1. Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser RM148/150ml –> 50ml = RM49.33

Another Murad! Now the official headcount I have from Murad so far is Cleanser, Moisturizer, Pore Refining Gel, Serum, Sunscreen, Primer, Mask! Wow sounds like i’m going steady with Murad dy hahaha! Ok lah, at least no repeat of the same products, except for the Pomegranate Mask ^^ Actually the brand’s not bad lah…

This Cleanser cum Toner is the self foaming type! I’m feel so jakun for saying I’ve never tried these types of cleansers before. Anyway, it’s slightly drying for me, but slap on some moisturizer and all’s good i guess.

2. Revlon Professional Colour Sublime Treatment RM88/200ml –> 75ml = RM33

This treatment has this mature , calming scent. The texture is lighter so I had to use more compared to my Dove Hair conditioner, Schwarzkoph Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Treatment, and Shiseido Fuente Vita Voltage Treatment. Quite easy to wash off and doesn’t leave that much of a slimy residue on your shoulders after the wash. Max number of uses for me should be about 5? Good for travelling this April!

3. Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20/PA++ RM140/10.5g (case sold seperately) 0.6g–> RM8

This Powder Foundation in #Y002 actually matches my skin tone when I swatched it on my jaw just now. But then hor, me having dry skin will forever hate powder foundation, so there!

4. Definite Face Blending Brush RM98

Having a full sized BRUSH!! Hurrah! It’s time to learn using brushes, girl.

5. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir EDT RM248/50ml –> 1ml = RM5.56

The black dress illustration and pinkness around is so cute! Actually, I wouldn’t think of buy this if I had just smelt it off the bottle. But after body contact, unexpectedly quite nice wei~ fruity and floral and sweet. More suitable for cool evenings and dinners with that jazzy atmosphere~ Come on let me dream lah~

All the products amounting to a total of RM193.90~


Not to be forgotten are the vouchers:

1. Complimentary pass to The Host

2. Murad RM30 online shopping voucher (yes, again. though it’s good for girls that are receiving their first Murad products) Code is: BB13. Stands for Beautybox2013 i presume? haha just use lah!


Here’s my sleepy face after waking up from my nice dream. Wah~ How come I look so unusually fair wan hehehehehehehe~

Time to go to the hospital for class again boohoohoo~ I don’t wanna wake up~


The only unhappy thing I experienced was the ?rusty or ?unevenly painted heart shaped zip handle. T.T Yeah, that is NOT the normal light reflecting back at me! My hopes for a classy classy beauty pouch was dashed for a second there. And a light of brilliance struck me!

I decided to DIY after class by using nail polish to coat it! I’m NOT the artsy type of girls which can distinguish different shades of color like Cerulean and Teal loh! not to mention my drawing skills (smily face and stick man also got problem)…

I actually tried NYX Dark Cherry first but it looks terribly wrong against this bag’s pink. So, I removed it all off and painted on OPI’s Kiss Me on My Tulips from the Holland Collection, then glam it up a bit with OPI’s Pirouette My Whistle from the New York City Ballet Soft Shades Collection. Then protected the whole thing with the Seche Vite topcoat haha! I think i’m a bit too over lah hahaha!


First coat of Kiss me on My Tulips, with the rest of the bag protected.


Here’s my ❤ looking much much better!

Of course, I couldn’t tahan the boredom and painted my toenails as well with China Glaze polishes XD


The Blue is Fancy Pants while the Purple is Creative Fantasy.
IMG_4148Yes, I’m a messy novice in nail polish application so bite me!

The photo doesn’t show much justice to the purple one though >.<

Anyways, a big Thank YOU!! to Mi Mi~ and great job on this Debut Bag!

Great variety in the types of products!

I’m anticipating the April one already!


The kiamsiap-ness in me revealed in full throttle~

Besides the actual price that is stated as per subscription (eg. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.), you should take into account the loyalty points you get to further redeem future products.

So far only THREE beauty box companies in Malaysia offer a loyalty/redemption/points program

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.25.18 AM

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.24.25 AM

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.38.03 AM

This table depicts How you can earn points from those 3 beauty box subscriptions:

  MIVVA Wonderbox TheLilacBox
Points to Redeem 1 BOX 380 (RM38/BOX) 800 (RM39.90/BOX) 100(RM49.90/BOX)
Points gained per Subscription 3 months: 190                                 6 months: 570      3 months: 500                                 6 months:1250                                 12 months: 1600 N/A
Points gained per Product Review 10 50 5
Points gained per Blog review 50 100 N/A
Points per friend referred 100 200 N/A
Points from Sharing photos & tagging N/A 50 N/A
Points per video review N/A 150 N/A

Now moving on to the calculations~

Assumptions for Calculation:

1. Won’t count TheLilacBox yet since their points system is not yet in full gear as they have not yet introduced other methods to earn points

2. Calculation will only be based on points from subscription, product reviews and blog posts.

3. Number of products for each box is assumed to be 5

4. Not included are referring friends from all boxes (Don’t tell me you so lihai can refer 1 friend every month bluekkkkk).

5. Also not included are video reviews, photo tagging points which Wonderbox offers. So if you subscribe to Wonderbox you can add these in on your own. I don’t do these so no point to calculate it for myself.

6. Only the 3 and 6 month subscription options are calculated. 12 months is too long a commitment plus the points also NOT significantly higher (yes i’m talking about you wonderbox)

7. This point collection system requires you to be VERY DILLIGENT! EVERY MONTH! Just spend some time every month to ‘work’ a while so that you can get a free box at the end ok?

The ACTUAL calculation

Subscription period MIVVA Wonderbox
3 months 190 subscription points + 3months(5products)(10points per review) + 3months(50points per blog review)=490 points 500 subscription points + 3months(5products)(50points per product) + 3months(100points per blog review)=1550 points
6 months 570 subscription points + 6months(5products)(10points per product) + 6months(50points per blog review)=1170 points 1250 subscription points + 6months(5products)(50points per product) + 6months(100points per blog review)=3350 points

Exhaustive, no?

Interpretation of the above data:

  MIVVA Wonderbox
Points required to redeem 1 box 380 points   (RM38/BOX) 800 points   (RM39.90/BOX)
3 months Subscription COST: RM 114♥            


Points:490 = 1.29 boxes = 1BOX♥♥



= RM28.5 per box

COST: RM119.70♥            


Points:1550= 1.94 boxes = 1 BOX ♥♥  


COST/BOX: RM119.70/4boxes

= RM29.93 per box

6 months Subscription COST: RM228♥            


Points: 1170= 3.08 boxes  = 3 BOXES♥♥  




= RM25.33 per box

COST: RM239.40♥            


Points: 3350= 4.18 boxes  = 4 BOXES ♥♥  




= RM23.94 per box

For Cost/Box, MIVVA is cheaper is you subscribe for 3 months, Wonderbox is cheaper if you subscribe for 6 months.

Of course, if you video review and photo tag for Wonderbox, then Wonderbox how also will win lah! But will you? Even reviewing products and writing blogposts are such a hassle already, for me that is.

Remember har, the cost also includes shipping already wei~

But then again, even though your choice in choosing your beauty box subscription would take into account the $$ involved, another huge factor would be the brands and products that the box carries.

Good luck in choosing your subscription.

Now let me mourn the demise of my pocket money…….

I never really understood the nail polish addiction that one of my girlfriend had, until now that is. I’m infected. Maybe not really as severe as last week, but still on a nail polish spree high!

*oh crap, there goes my resolution to save money*


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat RM30!! Seche Vite stuff are the cheapest here!
OPI items would be RM30 each (I got them at RM28 each during a promotion). New collections would however cost RM33.
China Glaze RM23-25
Essie RM27
Their shipping would be:
Pos Laju
West Malaysia will be RM7
East Malaysia, RM10
Pos Daftar
West Malaysia will be RM4
East Malaysia, RM5

Earn 1 point for every RM1 spent (exlcudes shipping), only applicable for FULL PRICE items that are not under promo/sales. Points will never expire.

Number of Points Cash Voucher
200 RM5
450 RM15
700 RM30

My calculation: To get a free RM30 OPI, you will need to spend RM700++ here.

My experience: Definitely get Seche Vite here. Also, if you send in an email to submit your order, and you don’t get a reply, maybe it was sent to their junk instead. Around 24 hours later, send in ANOTHER email with an eye catching/weird/unique title and you’ll get their attention. At least that’s what happened to me. Otherwise service was REALLY good and prompt. They reserve the products for you for 48 hours, and will release it if you don’t make your payment by then. Good enough for me, I pay really quickly haha. HAPPY customer here.


OPI 33

China Glaze RM25

Essie RM29

Shipping is RM6-9. Free if your total purchases are >RM150

Every RM1=1point. Once you get 500 points, you become a member. Once you become a member, you can get items at discounted prices, redeem points etc. But how much of a discount, I wouldn’t know also haha! So I wouldn’t be able to calculate for you~

My experience: Has a shopping cart system in place, although the interface could be improved much.

Great work from the site/shop owner. She did ask whether I wanted another lacquer instead of one that was out of stock. I responded to that, plus, requested to change ANOTHER color (sudden craving for that color). She obliged willingly. I ordered up to 6 items from her, and when my items arrived, the initial lacquer that was out of stock previously and was waiting for it, was replaced with another lacquer of the wrong brand and color. When I provided this feedback, she offered to resend the correct item or provide me a voucher so I could use it for my next purchase. And the wrong item (NYX Dark Cherry)? She treated it as a gift for me. So, of course me very happy so far~ Purchased an additional one because of that…


OPI RM33 each

Many other brands- but price not listed.

Why it’s good? Even if you buy 1 bottle, postage is FREE! Not sure about their mode of delivery, but don’t think it’s Poslaju or Gdex type of service.

There is currently a March promotion for China Glaze purchases: Buy 3 Free 1.

With every purchase, you will get a stamp, with every 10 collected, you will be entitled to a free OPI or China Glaze  standard size Nail lacquer of your choice.

My calculation: RM330 previous purchases to get 1 RM33 OPI

However, I have yet to purchase anything here yet. Maybe later this year when the new collections come out or when my cash flow is better.


OPI RM 33 (RM28 if under promo)

China Glaze RM25-33

Essie RM29

Glitter Gal RM25-49

Color Club RM25-49

This was actually one of the sites I loved to browse on initially. It was pure joy. And then, I checked their facebook and saw that there were some problems with replying customers, pending orders not sent. And THEN i tested their response by sending in a FB msg as well, which they did not reply. >.<

5. Other places = RM40-ish for OPI = RM40-ish for OPI

Retail –  but of course prices are much higher, like RM59.90?

Have fun shopping~~