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Finally have my hands on the July Box!

I think the Pak Cik from GDEX who delivered my parcel today was uber sporting since he doubled back to deliver my parcel after berbuka puasa, when I didn’t hear the doorbell/phone as I was bathing during the 1st delivery =P

Since I wasn’t particularly interested in them anyway, genius strikes~ In return for being as nice as he was, I regifted the Nuteen Cleanser and Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Circles Roll Away and asked him to give his children/wife haha! Although maybe it could have been more suitable for his cucu >_<

So here are the contents (minus the Nuteen cleanser and Ginvera eye roller)

2013-07-31 21.15.06

1. Ma cherie Shampoo and conditioner sachets

I first saw this brand when I was in Taiwan for my elective and it looked terribly enticing, nice scent and all, being another Shiseido company. Then I came back and noticed the quite huge advertising for Ma Cherie as well as other brands I was taken to at the time, like Clio and Freshel. Anyway, I’ll be bringing this up to Cameron or wherever my next short trip is. ^^ Huge faith in this brand!

2013-07-31 21.16.20

2. B.liv Feel No Sluggish Stem Cell Revival (Original Japan Silk Mask)

I loved the B. live Off With Those Heads. I have a feeling I will like this too.

The product description says that it is cell rejuvenating+nourishing+anti oxidation which seems pretty good for me, since I feel old and haggard looking recently.

2013-07-31 21.18.30

3. Bloop Lip Liner Pencil

2013-07-31 21.19.02

2013-07-31 21.21.14

Described to be highly saturated in color which does not fade easily throughout the day, smudge proof and water resistant. Here’s a swatch:

The one on the left is one casual swipe, and the right is about 3-4 swipes trying to get the color in. Not too impressed.

2013-07-31 21.23.53

I haven’t been very fond of using lip liners since I don’t really use strong lipstick colors (or lipstick by itself).  So, I will have to be opportunistic or maybe when I’m too bored after finishing final exams

4. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner

Again?? Sigh… Possibly another regifting in the future…. *Disregarding the fact that MIVVA had this in their July box*

Wonderbox repeated this product even though they already had this in their June box lei…. Luckily I asked them not to send my June box if not I will have THREE exact same toners wei….

2013-07-21 18.21.36

5. Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Circles Eye Roller

Registed to the GDEX delivery pakcik. I have previously bought this like about 3 years ago. Didn’t notice any differences before and after, but then again I don’t have the objective evidence to prove it in the form of pictures.

6. Nu Teen Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser

Regifted to Pakcik since I have dry skin! NOT interested!

7. Nu Teen Sample Sachets

I’m not a teen anymore so I’m not interested in these. I guess I’ll be giving them to my teenage baby sis.

2013-07-31 21.17.53

2x Blackheads away Gel

2x Acne Away Gel

1x Acne and Pimples Away Sleeping Mask


my overall thoughts for this box: only liked the b.liv mask and Ma Cherie.


Still undecided about Bloop’s lipliner…

I guess this month’s box is geared more towards teenagers, what with Nuteen and Ginvera >.<



Finally got it on 19th from the Poslaju office (missed the delivery on 18th 2pm).

If you’re wondering why mine was delivered late on the 17th instead of 4th of July along with other subscribers, you can read the beginning of my JUNE post since I’m lazy like that.

And oh crap, I didn’t get the new black/white polka-dot-ish box. Yerrrr, this one also slightly dented, bo sui, so I won’t be reusing this.

2013-07-18 09.02.50

-My Pamper Kit-

2013-07-18 09.03.10

Boo! Here’s the whole box in full view!

I’m not sure if these products count towards being pampering as the theme says, but there is a definite focus on moisturizing this time!

2013-07-18 09.04.41

Let’s start analyzing!

1. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner (RM49.90/120ml)

Claim: Hydrates and brightens, softens, smoothens

I love toners. I still have the other Purifying and Brightening Beautymate toner from Mivva and on my 3rd bottle of Hada Labo. Hence I alternate them depending on what I feel my skin needs most for the day. These 2 beautymate toneres go on the i-feel-i-need-some-brightening day.

This new orange opaque glass bottled toner, has a much more toned down scent compared to the other toner, and I quite like it so far based on my few days of usage.

2013-07-21 18.21.36

2. Elianto Ardour Shadow (RM8/2g) in Earth Brown

Yep, I swatched it, and i didn’t really like it even though I loved last months Enuca.

This Earth brown wasnt really THAT pigmented and wasn’t really a very special color too so…

3. Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner (RM139.90/160ml) and Emulsion (RM139.90/160ml)

The scent was almost too overpowering for me. Function-wise both were good. But Somang seriously needs to reconsider putting the Emulsion in this type of container ‘cos it is sibeh hard to take out the product wei… I did love the feeling of these 2 products on my face though and I’m actually quite sad that it finishes up in about 3 uses or so.

2013-07-18 09.10.14

4. Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream RM98.80/15ml

Anyway this is more of a gel type of products despite its name. And I’ve no idea why there is a LIP in the name too –> weird…..

I can’t testify much regarding how good it is, because I feel that Hylexin and my Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream are wonderful (but of course the price is also very different la haha). I think it’s on par with my previous Naruko eye cream that I have since binned because it expired already, which isn’t really much because I never did think that the Naruko cream was Ooh-La-La.

2013-07-18 09.06.14

5. Re-Gen Oil (RM29.90/75ml or RM45.90/125ml)

PCL liquid, Vitamin A&E –> Anti-ageing

Lavendar, calendula, chamomile and rosemary oils –> Moisturizes, hence improves blemished skin and scarred skin

I’ve tried using oils, but oils and me really don’t work out. Sigh…


Overall, from the July box:

I loved the beautymate toner and somang products; liked the eye cream, but disliked the regen oil and elianto eyeshadow.

But of course these are my personal preferences, so feel free to disagree!

This June box is excellent IMHO~ since I’m in a cosmetics phase currently.  Subscribe here!

Only 4 items, but all full sized products (yes I’d like to count the 1 mask as full sized too).


As I was overseas at the time, and my friend was too busy to pick up the parcel from Poslaju, I had to get it redelivered at the cost of 100 Mivva Points in July instead. FB-ed them and requested them to send June and July on 12th July, so I can come home on 14th and see them on my doorstep! Tapi hor, the June one was posted on 4th July (along with other ppl’s July boxes) and my July box was forgotten until I FB msg-ed them again to check on the status. From their reply, my guess would be that they forgot totally about it, if not how come both boxes mailed separately kan?

But nvm, it’s okay, all’s forgiven even if you didn’t apologize lah… I can imagine the amount of workload you ppl have to go through already, some more have to attend to this oddball customer’s request. My July box had better be in good shape though.


Ok, since my June box sat through the whole 2 weeks in Alor Setar poslaju office, went back to mivva hq, then came back again, the box was slightly kemek/dented dy. But that’s okay and is to be expected, the products matter more now.

Check out my Yellow S4 in the eyeshadow pallete mirror!

2013-07-15 14.05.26

1. Liese Bubble Hair Dye- Creamy Beige RM38 (RM33 if got promo)

Everybody knows about Liese’s bubblesss… My first experience with it wasn’t too great because I didn’t leave it on for long enough/technique problem and the results were a bit patchy. There will definitely be the chemical dye smell, no matter what, but hair wasn’t dried up like straw after that! woohoo!

Will re-experiment again after finals/during hols when i’m free!

2. Enuca eye essential quad- Smoky RM88 (RM78 member price)

2013-07-21 00.43.18

Colors were unexpectedly lovely when swatched! I couldn’t really capture the actual color of it with my stupid S4 Camera. Gah!

I was thankful that I didn’t get Amethyst, but the Sunset one seemed lovely. Wondering how long it will fare on my super oily eye lids hehehe

Enuca –> Part of Aivoria group (Previously Bonita), along with Elianto = Malaysian! The HD mineral magic loose powder looks pretty promising on their website, you have to turn it to get a fresh dollop of powder every time so it’s pretty hygienic.

3. Skin 79 Lip Gloss RM16.90

2013-07-21 00.54.44

This can be attached to keyrings or what not. Its appearance reminds me of the Anna Sui lip gloss ring which is super cute and yeng.

As usual, the klutzy me just had to ruin this when I tried opening to swatch it.


2013-07-21 00.55.52

2013-07-21 00.56.35

A lovely sheen/tint of red, which mostly disappears into the background if you’re bored and smudge it as i did:

2013-07-21 00.56.53

4. Beautymate Black Pearl and Candelula Officinalis whitening nano mask 1 pc – rm49.90 for 7 pcs

No need to say again-lah, beautymate whitening products all really work one. Makes me wonder which miracle (or deadly?) ingredient they put in their products to make it work until so geng.

Not bad for June, Mivva.