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Yay! It’s finally here! This month’s was a tad bit delayed by a week or so because September is extra-extra customized for us!

I got an email requesting for details of the refractive error readings of my eyes at about the 2nd half of august and that’s how most of us guessed that a pair of contact lens is in the house this time! I was super excited cos I thought I could try a new colored lens. Oh well~


September’s theme is Glow Gizmo, although I’m not too sure whether this compilation can actually make us glow or not lah hahah! MIVVA has been using this same face model for its website/product descriptions, and although she is definitely more prettier and glowy looking, too many appearances bores me wei… Not that it’s that important lah =P I’m sure lots of people don’t notice or mind it…

Here’s an overview of the contents!


Looks like got a lot of stuff!


And the product descriptions in pic since I’m lazy like that.


1. Ascience Hair Products – i see big big sachets

a) Shine Therapy Range: Shampoo + Conditioner

b) Nature Smooth range: Shampoo + Conditioner

Aaah, I’ve always been attracted to Japanese products, I wonder why I’ve never picked these up. Oh yeah, cos I’m currently using the Shiseido Fuente shampoo and there are still 1 or 2 hair stuff/samples lying around waiting for me to 宠幸 them =P

I may dislike sachets, but each of this sachet seem to hold enough for at least 3-4 uses with liberal application.ImageImage

2. Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask

Need I say more? It’s great!Image

3. IGEL Aure monthly clear contact lens x1 pair

Aiya… I thought can get the colored one…

Ok la nevermind, this is good enough, bear in mind that this is a silicon hydrogel lens that I hope is much better than the Air Optix that I’m currently wearing. If it’s that good and there are no further contraindications, I might just switch to this ^^


4. Arty Professional Face color – Mania

This is a very blendable shimmery shade that shouts you-see-something-but-you-can’t-really-see-it type of coppery color. Just nice for my newly found hobby of discovering and stacking up on cosmetics.Image

5. Somang Stuffssssss

a) Danahan Bon Yeon Jin (anti wrinkle) Gift set: Toner + Emulsion

I felt it was excellent for my super dry skin! I think I’m really really starting to love korean skincare.

*note to self: must buy lots and lots when i’m in seoul in november!*

b) ONL (Today) Perfect White Sun Cream x2 sachets

On the dry side for me, could see flakes this morning even after i put on the danahan stuff. Although I’m not so sure when was it exactly last week that I exfoliated my face XD

I reckon it’s much better for oily skin types though.

c) ONL (Today) Air Bliss BB Cream x2 sachets –> will try soon!Image

A lovely view of all the Somang items.Image

Here is a cute handheld mirror that they wrapped nicely to prevent breakage. It’s very handy to carry around, my only complaint is that the mirror fell out of the handle the next day O.o!! so i’ll need to glue it back on soon.


Overall, I very much liked the September box from MIVVA. Good Job. Now, excite me more in the coming months, especially DEcembER, the gift giving month! muahahahaha



Aah a refreshing change of the MIVVA box~Image

Also comes attached with a yellow Mother’s Day card. now you won’t need to get one liao hahahaha~Image

And along with the pink product description card! nice design btw~

Their announcement: Aupres is giving away 3 full-sized Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping MAsks to 3 lucky MIVVA members who submit review on the product on MIVVA’s beautywall. Contest ends 19th May 2013.

Note: Me cannot joins this competitition liao boohooohoooo… And through no fault of my own also… Wanna know why? Scroll on down to the end, girlfriend!


1. Claire Organics Handmade Soap RM16-22/100mg –> RM17 as depicted on their facebook page

This freshly made soap should best be used after 20 May to give a curing period of 3-4 weeks. I got the Guinness Stout Soap with Organic Raw Honey, which is supposed to have Revitalising, Anti-Acne properties. Now, I’m wondering whether MIVVA personalize these products according to our profile or whether EVERYBODY is getting the same soap.

Anyway, this handmade organic soap actually feels quite affordable to me. Will decide on how good it is though after 20th May.

Claire Organics FB Page


2. Garden of Eden Jojo E Serum RM39.90/15ml and RM63.90/32ml

This is a 5ml sample (rm13.3) with a pamphlet which advertises its function and effects, while another pamphlet is all about Buy6Get1Free at Caring pharmacies and you have to affix stuff and all that.

Targets stretch marks from pregnancy. I’m gonna use it on my thighs and butt’s stretch marks from the dreaded adolescent weight gain anyway.

Instead of getting a serum like it says there, this actually has lots of oils – Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamen E, Grape Seed Oil; but it doesn’t really FEEL oily! Unlike the Secretleaf Argan Oil which feels a tad bit oilier.


3. Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub RM76/250ml

I’m unsure of the volume of this body scrub but it looks like between about 20ml? Just what I need to bring for my next trip!


4. Somang Danahan RG2 Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle line Cream RM349.90/35ml

Claims that it has botox-like function which whitens, moisturizes and reduces deep wrinkles! Well let’s see then! But since i’m still in my 20s I guess only by taking a before-after picture will show any slight changes made XD

Got 3 small volume sachets at ?3ml? each. Why sachets, why???

The whole load of korean words will sure confuse the average Malaysian consumer. So I googled Somang and it turns out that PSY is endorsing their Energy Factor Line. Now, at this points, I’ve turned lazy and have no idea what Energy Factor is. Go and google if you wanna know more, of PSY or Somang whichever you please.

5. Privia Perfect Magic Peeling Gel RM59/100ml

Another Ginvera Marvel Gel / Bioessence Exfoliating gel type of product i assume??

2 sachets of these with unknown volume ?5ml?

6. O’slee Rosehip Hydra-white Cleansing Powder RM49.90/55g

This 30g of powder costs approximately RM27.2. Cleansing powder! Novel wei… somehow, it reminds me of the powder type of clothes washing detergent >.<


Here’s everything!

Well, not really.

Aupres was missing.

There is supposed to be

a) Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping MAsk or

b) Aupres Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum

So, now you understand why I can’t join that Aupres Competition.

Actually I don’t understand the product pamphlet. There is a bit OR on it.

Am i supposed to get Aupress a) or b)?

Or am i supposed to get Aupres or Privia Perfect?

Or am i supposed to get Aupres or PP+Claire soap?


Still waiting for MIVVA’s reply.

Yup, I’ve got the confirmation. It’s either Aupres or Privia. Oh well, maybe they stratify us according to income group?? XD


Due to the unknown amount of samples given this time, I’m unable to calculate the worth of the box. But if you really want to force me to assume the unknown right:

RM17 Claire soap + RM13.3 Jojo E serum + RM6.1 TNS body scrub + RM90 Somang + RM5.9 Privia +RM27.2 Cleansing powder

= ??RM159.5??

So many variable for this equation namely the unknown volumes of the body scrub, somang cream and privia cleansing powder!

It’s the first week of April and it’s time to unbox MIVVA again~

Mivva earlier announced on their facebook page that they will be rolling out newly designed boxes starting April. Felt a little sad that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones boohoohooo~~

The glossy paper used this time for the product description was really nice and classy. Announcements this time include their MIVVA Online Store launch at the end of April plus a reminder to submit blog and beautywall reviews by 20th April to be eligible to earn MIVVA points.



This time around, the box has become increasingly pamphlet heavy, plus sachet heavy *goodness me!*


Product Samples include

1. B.liv by Cellnique Off with Those Heads (RM139/30ml, RM179.90/45ml) –> 3ml = RM12


I’m exceptionally delighted to receive this! I’ve been using this sebum gel on & off for the 5th or 6th year dy! *gasp* I’m so old dy? Even back when they were using this ancient packaging.

A googled picture for you to see the ancient one~

This softens those irritating plugs and makes it easier to remove my blackheads. As it is, I’m very prone to blackheads on my nose and chin, tapi i’m so lazy to remove them. So this makes the job easier. What’s good about trying this product is that there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if takde effect within 14 days. So even if things doesn’t work out, just go claim back your money. ^^


2. Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence (RM69.90/30ml) Full Size

Previously got the toner and moisturizer from Beautymate. I should have foreseen a pattern coming. Maybe the next one will be the eye gel or face mask? XD

3. O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III (RM59.90/100ml) –> 30ml = RM18

I never have to worry about running out of toners dy~~~ I already have the eye gel but the dispenser was defective i think >.<…

4. SF Beauty Skin 

I’ve never heard of this company but it seems to be Malaysian? Products are developed in France and manufactured in Taiwan. Their selling point seems to be by phone/online and has a one to one consultation that way. No physical shop/counter but the office is in KL. A section of the pamphlet teaches you the way to use the product whilst on the other page, the sachets are glued on. There are promotions going on in their online shop too.



a) Perfect Glow Sunscreen (RM125/30ML) 1 sachet of ?ml –> RM??

b) Remover Cleansing Gel (RM100/150ml) 1 sachet of ?ml –> RM??

5. SOMANG Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care


Now this Korean Hair Care range really jinn gak loh…

A total of 10 sachets from them, that I don’t know whether I should be depressed because they’re sachets or happy cos they gave a total of 50ml of each product to try?

a) Hair Shampoo (RM49.90/620ml) –> 5x10ml = RM4

b) Hair Pack (RM49.90/500ml, RM79.90 for 1000ml) –> 5x10ml = RM4

6. Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask RM10/pc Full Size

Will be using this after getting a ridiculous tan 2 weeks later! This is a Taiwanese company and their global website also features a walk-through of their manufacturing process. Their website also features BB creams of which reminds me of the SKIN79 packaging O.o

The Malaysian version is where you can shop for their stuff though.


7. Hair chalk

They sent 2 for the Valentine’s box. UPDATE: WONDERBOX sent 2 in their Valentine’s Box. Now there are 6 different colors this time! Very dry looking hair as a result though~

Total RM117.90++ (excluding the SF products)

There was also a handful of Strip stuff including a Voucher (free armpit wax, 50% off other services on same visit), Price List of products and services, and some FAQ regarding waxing and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Walao eh Strip! Open in Penang lah…

Now I got voucher also cannot use wei…




mivva announcement abt strip

My thoughts on this month’s box:

1. Too many sachets

2. Bring on the cosmetics la pls~

3. Voucher that I can’t use since Strip outlets are only in KL *depressed face*