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ooh yess… a short update yeah

it’s 50.5 kgs now…

currently yoyo-ing between 50 and 51 lor…. 

btw, i eat quite normally now. as in what most ppl eat.

a bit o’ rice, meats, veges.

in fact, just on the 24th (yesterday) i had kueh chap (a unique version tat i’ve nv eaten b4) for breakfast leh… so i can’t be all that healthy after all


i love food….

*karen faster exercise self control wei!!*


i’ve haagen daaz to look out for the coming weekend tho… 



Aah… i wonder how many of you know of my resolution to lose weight??

of which i took less than effective measures until after the chinese new year

this aint mine if youre wondering

this ain't mine if you're wondering

Just thought about sharing this:


Bathroom scales (Miri)- 55kg

Bathroom scales (Penang)- 55kg

Scales in Clinic (Miri)- 58kg

Scales in AIMST (SP)-58kg

Scales at a Certain well known gym (Subang)-58kg

so it’s safe to assume that i was actually 58KGS!!!

AND YET my goal was 50kgs…. meaning i have to lose a total of 8kgs!!

for now at least


Bathroom scales (SP)-52kgs

So that translates to 55kgs currently for me?? i think……

sienz… still got an actual 5 more kgs to go… T.T

the sadness…. WHY OH WHY!!!???!!! STILL GOT SO MUCH???

just a note, i’m not starving myself to death okay….

i now do cardiovascular exercises 2/3 times a week for a duration of at least 20 minutes PLUS time for stretching

which will most definitely unlikely to happen next week due to exam busy-ness

food- no deep fried stuff (unless AIMST leaves me no choice), many many many fruits n veges (which can sunbian aid my bowel movement), try to eat light lo (as much as i try to)

attention, i am only reducing food intake by a little. and not starving myself! again i must assert this

i’m a DOCTOR-TO-BE okay…. must be healthy…

hee hee hee heee

eyer… sien wan… sien two… sien three….

why is the journey to wear skirts so long and mafan……


forever wuliao,